Thursday, May 11, 2017

Empress of a Thousand Skies

Empress of a Thousand Skies (Empress of a Thousand Skies, #1)Author: Rhoda Belleza
Info: Razorbill, copyright 2017, 314 pages


The only surviving heir to an ancient Kalusian dynasty, RHEE has spent her life training to destroy the people who killed her family. Now, on the eve of her coronation, the time has finally come for Rhee to claim her throne - and her revenge.

ALYOSHA is a Wraetan who has risen above his war refugee origins to find fame as the dashing star of a DroneVision show. Despite his popularity, Aly struggles with anti-Wraetan prejudices and the pressure of being perfect in the public eye.

Their paths collide with one brutal act of violence: Rhee is attacked, barely escaping with her life. Aly is blamed for her presumed murder.

The princess and her accused killer are forced to go into hiding - even as a war between planets is waged in Rhee's name. But soon, Rhee and Aly discover that the assassination attempt is just one part of a sinister plot. Bound together by an evil that only they can stop, the two fugitives must join forces to save the galaxy.

~Goodreads Description

We all know the saying "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all."  I'm going to keep brief.

Rhee = scorned, orphaned princess out for revenge.  Alyosha = reality TV star/war refugee in over his head and accused of Rhee's murder even though she's not dead.  There's a shifty guy who wants to start a war and a guy following Rhee around that I feel like we learned absolutely nothing about.  And that's about all I've got in the way of a description.

This book was a bit of a hot mess.  The plot was confusing, there was little character development, and it tricked me into believing that it was space fiction.  I don't like to be tricked.  For a storyline rather large in scope and hinging on past events, very little was actually explained.  That, paired with the not really liking or understanding the motivations of any of the characters, left me underwhelmed.

The cover is pretty though - so there is something nice said.  I don't think I'll be continuing on in the series, but if you like audiobooks read by Rebecca Solar, you might give it a try.

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