Tuesday, May 9, 2017

10 Things On My Reading Wishlist

 Ten Things On My Reading Wishlist

All the books.  All the books are on my reading wishlist.  Well...I'm a little over "dead siblings," but as long as there isn't a talking animal I'm game.

Here are 10 things I definitely want to see more of:

1) Space - Legit space.  With spaceships and space battles and cool planets at the edge of the cosmos.

2) Morgan Matson - I'm getting a new Sarah Dessen book this summer, but it would be so nice to also be getting a new Morgan Matson.

3) Quirky circuses - Preferably of the "Night Circus" variety, but I'm flexible.

4) Road trips with music playlists - Again with the Morgan Matson, but I LOVED that addition to Amy & Roger's Epic Detour

5) Aliens - As far as I'm concerned there aren't enough aliens in teen fiction

6) Secret societies in Prague - I love the historical hunt for information while characters are being chased by shifty, violent evil people.  Yes.  I know how that sounds.  But I'd love to see more like Elizabeth Kostova's The Historian or Robin Wasserman's The Book of Blood and Shadow.

7) Steampunk - Don't you think world just needs a little more steampunk?  Adventure in airships, cool weaponry, characters with manners.  Yep.  Steampunk.

8) The 1920s - Flappers, prohibition, jazz music, and a mystery around every corner.

9) Countdowns - I haven't read a good countdown book since Michael Crichton's Timeline.  The countdown increases the tension and usually makes me a nervous wreck.

10) The Darkling - Or maybe just more villains like Leigh Bardugo's Darkling.  Suave, charming, and deadly.  You can't help but love them just a little bit (even though they would totally kill you at the first chance)

What's on your list?

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