Thursday, March 16, 2017

My "Apocalyst"'s punny!

Desperate for a new show to binge, I found myself on Netflix one evening watching the first five minutes of a bunch of shows only to bail with boredom.  I didn't know what I wanted to watch, but I knew that what I was trying wasn't it.  And then I remembered a fabulous individual recommending No Tomorrow (because a) it was funny and b) there was a very pretty guy involved), so I gave it a whirl.  Then I watched another episode...and a third.  And then I realized I had a problem, and I needed to stop for the evening.  This, however, did not keep me from telling everyone I know about it (and I totally did and you should totally head over to Book Plots & Polka Dots too)

The premise - Pretty guy (shown above) is a scientist who believes that an asteroid is going to destroy the earth and all of mankind in just a matter of months, so he begins living in the moment by marking items off his apocalypse bucket list (a.k.a. apocalyst).  Evie is an incredibly awkward, yet adorable, young woman who is stuck in a bit of a rut and is very much a planner and a worrier.  When the two meet, sparks fly, and the adventure begins.

That sounds ridiculous.  But it's not.  And yes, it inspired me to put together my own apocalyst.

* A quick note on Emily and any potential apocalypses.  I give myself five minutes of life.  I have a tendency to trip and fall which makes survival in just about any scenario unlikely.  Zombies?  I'm easy lunch.  Natural disaster?  If there is something I can fall into or get knocked over by, it's going to happen.  Robots?  I'm totally getting picked up and put in a cage.  I suppose there is always the plague.  But then again, I'm not sure I could survive out in the wild away from humankind, so when it comes to the plague, we'll give it forty-five minutes.

Without further ado, here is part of my apocalyst.  I had planned to share 10 items and then I just kept going.  I spared you by stopping at 25.  You're welcome.  ((You should make one for yourself, and then, if you're that kind of person, you can take GREAT joy in marking lines through items one by one as you're out in the world being your most awesome self.)

1) Visit every continent
2) Call in to a late night talk radio show
3) Attend the UFO Festival in Roswell, New Mexico
4) Play tambourine on stage at a concert
5) Learn how to waltz
6) Submit a manuscript I've written to a publisher
7) See the Northern Lights
8) Have a bonfire on a beach
9) Take a road trip without a planned destination
10) Hold a baby goat
11) Ride an elephant
12) Swing on a trapeze
13) Kick a field goal
14) White water raft in the Grand Canyon
15) Participate in a silent disco
16) Ride a zamboni
17) Hike to Machu Pichu
18) Foster a child
19) Go up in a hot air balloon
20) Stargaze where there is little to no light pollution
21) Take a cooking class
22) Jump off a cliff
23) Milk a cow
24) Be a game show contestant
25) Pay for a stranger's meal at a restaurant

Who's up for an adventure?  (Or has a baby goat I can hold, cause, if I'm being honest, that's really #1 on my list.  LIGHTBULB! How cool would it be to hold a baby goat while riding on an elephant?  That's the stuff of dreams.)

And here's another picture of the pretty guy.  Again - you're welcome.

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