Tuesday, November 22, 2016

NaNoWriMo Update II : Things are starting to get interesting

Hi!  Hello!  How are you?  Seems like forever.  I will admit that I have really, really missed putting my thoughts on screen on this here blog.  I can't wait for December 1st when I can return to the real world.

The NaNo-ing is still happening.  Slowly.  I'm writing this here update at 1 o'clock in the morning nearing the 32,000 word mark.  Only 4,000 behind!  There are phases of great inspiration when it's just fun.  And then there are phases of complete torture when I want to rip my hair out because I have no business writing anything.  Ever.  So.  Yeah.  Good times!

Despite the torture, it really has been a good time.  I've had the wonderful pleasure of writing with some very cool people every Saturday at my library, and the awesome experience of getting a pep talk by local author extraordinaire, Saundra Mitchell.  Words to paper.  You can do it.

There has also been a little bit of time for audiobook listening, a.k.a. my attempt to maintain sanity.  A couple of reviews will appear eventually including Gemina by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff and Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco.  Can't wait to gush like a crazy person.

But for now, I will just end with HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  I hope your day is blessed with family and friends.  I will be enjoying a tasty meal with my family and will be setting off fireworks of a certain color as we celebrate the forthcoming arrival of a new member of our crew.  The Auntie life is a good life :)

And just in case you're interested...here's another ridiculous snippet from Pride and Prejudice in Space.

What's happening:  Jayne and Bet Bennet have been invited to Brighton to search for replacement parts for their ship, the Longhorn by Will Darcy and Chase Bingley who have business on the space port.  Jayne is ecstatic...Bet less so.

Chapter Eight

“There’s nowhere to run to baby”

To no one’s surprise, the Titan was a luxurious ship that boasted up-to-date technology, spacious living areas, and a nuclear-powered hyperdrive that improved space travel exponentially.  It also looked nothing like a turtle.  Or creature of any kind, actually.  It very much resembled a spaceship, which Bet thought lacked personality (she wasn’t jealous or anything of the nice, shiny, super efficient ship, she was just partial to those that maybe weren’t that classy).

Unlike the Longbourn that was built to carry cargo, the Titan was all about passenger travel.  It was designed to provide comfort, and the interior closely resembled the inside of a home instead of the cold, metallic frame of a ship.  Bet marveled at the beauty of the design.  It was by far the most affluent spacecraft she had ever been in, but it made her long for the familiarity of her own vessel.
A butler took the sister’s luggage as they entered the lock (yes, Darcy totally has a space-butler.  The man has his own Alfred.  And that shall be the butler’s name because this is my story and only one name really fits such a distinguished role...and no.  Darcy is not Batman).  Darcy bowed in greeting and welcomed them onto the ship.

“Thank you again for allowing us to travel with you,” Jayne said, the poster child for sweetness and humility.

“Yes, we really appreciate it.  Thanks,” Bet offered.  Mr. Darcy bowed again awkwardly and offered to give them a tour of the ship.

Lina walked closely next to him in front, while Chase fell in step with Jayne, leaving Bet in the back.  She wouldn’t admit it to anyone, but she felt a little awkward not being coupled.  She definitely would never want her mother to know that little tidbit.  That would cause her no shortage of trouble.  She considered, for just a moment, of grabbing Alfred and making him walk next to her, but then she remembered she was an independent, confident woman who didn’t need a male companion and brushed the feeling aside.

Darcy showed them through the kitchen (where there was an actual cook preparing that evening’s dinner), the dining room where they would be eating promptly at 18:30, the living room (which Lina annoyingly referred to as the parlor), the exercise room (because space travel could do wicked things with your muscles), and the bridge.

“I’d like to introduce you to a good friend of mine, and the captain of the Titan, Commander Malcolm Fitzwilliam.”

“Call me Mal, please,” the captain said as he stood from his place at the pilot’s seat and shook Jayne and Bet’s hands.  “Welcome aboard.  If there’s anything I can do to make your travels more comfortable, please don’t hesitate to ask.”

Bet walked around the consoles, brushing her fingers against the smooth controls. Everything looked brand new.  The access panel was firmly closed unlike on the Longbourn where they kept it open, constantly needing access to the wiring below.  And Captain Fitzwilliam’s seat was pristine.  There were no rips or tears in the cushion.  There actually was  a cushion.

“He’s beautiful, isn’t he?” Mal said, coming to stand next to Bet.

“Remarkable.  I bet he flies like a dream.”

“The wheel’s a little tight, and he doesn’t bank as well as I would like, but out in open space, there is no equal.  You’re welcome to join me on the bridge any time you like.  I could use the company, and I have the sneaking suspicion that this is where you usually live.”

“Is it that obvious?” she asked.

“What can I say, we wear our hearts on our sleeve.”

Mal was welcoming and kind.  Darcy apparently liked to collect welcoming and kind friends.  She wondered if this was to compensate for his own, horrible personality.  She turned toward the others and found him staring at her.  Lina looked annoyed next to him, but Darcy seemed curious, almost as if he wanted to say something to her but decided against it.

“Bet!  There is one more room you really have to see,” Chase called.  He offered Jayne his arm and led her out of the room, Lina on their heels.  Darcy stepped aside, gesturing for Bet to follow them after she said her goodbyes to Mal.

They made their way down a number of hallways before coming to a large door.  Chase stood waiting, a glow of excitement on his face.  His whispered animatedly into Jayne’s ear and then gestured for Bet to press the sensor to the left of the frame.  There was a hiss of air and the quiet sound of the doors sliding open.  A light automatically turned on in the room, and Bet let out a gasp.

She stepped into the space, completely overwhelmed, then she closed her eyes and reopened them, certain that the scene would change.  Without saying a word she turned back toward Chase and Jayne, smiles on both of their faces.

“Well, Darcy, I think she appreciates your taste in decorating,” he said to his friend.

It was a library.  The spines of hundreds of books lined up perfectly on shelves that circled the room.  At the center of the room was a couch and near a window, two armchairs.  It was just as she imagined a library should look.  The small library her family owned had been passed down through the years.  The accumulation of this many titles was truly a sign of great wealth.

“You had mentioned at the dance, Miss Bennet, that you liked to read.  You’re welcome to borrow any title you wish while we travel,” Darcy said from the doorway.

Bet turned to look at him.  He stood there, arms crossed behind his back, a contradiction.  Who was this man?  Who was this man that found books to be precious and welcomed her here despite their value, but could treat a man he knew as a brother so poorly?

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