Tuesday, November 1, 2016

A Very Happy Birthday (and some other stuff)

She claims to read every post, so I thought I'd better wish her a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY via TheGnomingLibrarian :)  My mother, the "Woman", is a superhero, and I don't tell her that enough.  For goodness sakes, the number of phone calls she has to field from me on any number of random topics makes her a saint. (Ex.  "Woman...if you were barley, where would you be located at a grocery store?")  She has forever been my rock, my confidant, and my friend, and I am truly blessed to call her Mom.  Happy Birthday.  I love you!

And that other stuff...

It is November 1st.  You probably already knew that.  But did you know that November 1st starts the whirlwind that is National Novel Writing Month?  

I've talked about it a time or two on this here blog - the ridiculous challenge to write a 50,000 word novel in just 30 days.

Because I embrace the ridiculous, I'm taking up the challenge again this year, which means that I'm going to be M.I.A. for most of the month.  I hope to carve out time to post updates, Tuesday lists, and fingers crossed, a review or two over during November, but just in case that doesn't happen, I'll see you on December 1st :)

And just in case you're interested...

Jessica (my accountability partner, fellow Librarian, NaNo enthusiast, and friend at Book Plots & Polka Dots) and I decided to take our love for Pride & Prejudice and flip it on its ear this year.  Jessica is tackling Pride & Prejudice with a gothic/ghosty/Southern flair, while I'm taking the Bennet family to the stars with Pride & Prejudice in Space.  I already told you...ridiculous.

Wish us luck!  And I'll see you soon :)

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