Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Library GrabBag: Teen Read Week 2016

It's Teen Read Week!  Unfortunately the fun week always lands during our community's fall break when the Teen Room is a ghost town.  Despite the disappearance of the teens, we try program at least one day.

Enter the annual Teen Read Week Read-In!

This year's line up of events included:

10-10:45am      Bookmark bonanza - Stations set up around the room with bookmark making
10:45-11am      Reading break!
11-11:45am      Trivia
  • Book Jeopardy (
  • Instead of playing like Jeopardy, we put (6) different colored paper squares on the ground.  Teens who answered correctly moved up a square.  They could stay on the square if they answered a bonus question correctly.  Incorrectly, they had to move back.
  • Teal (Name (2) fictional animal characters); Pink (Name (2) banned books); Purple (Name (5) Harry Potter characters; Blue (Name (2) Percy Jackson gods/goddesses); Green (Name (2) books to movies); Yellow (Name (2) imaginary lands)
  • An answer could only be given one time.
11:45-12pm      Reading break!
12-1:45pm        Lunch / Inkheart movie
1:45-2pm          Reading break!
2-2:45pm          Emoji pillows
We had twelve attend, so not too bad.  I doubt we'll do a movie next year.  They got super antsy and talkative about half way through.  

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