Thursday, October 6, 2016

Library GrabBag: GPL's New Podcast

Librarian's are thinkers, and dreamers, and schemers.  They're all of these things in the best way possible, because they are always thinking of ways to improve their community.  Not for the sake of the library, but to offer their patrons, their friends, their partners opportunities for success.

I work with some of the most amazing thinkers, and dreamers, and schemers, and so we find ourselves on the cusp of a Reading Revolution (go big or go home :) ).  We want to start a conversation in our community about the importance of reading.  We want to build advocates and champions who will spread the love of books wherever they go.

One of the MANY things we're doing to get the conversation started is a podcast.  We tried a podcast several years ago.  We've learned a few things since then.  And yesterday we released our first episode, an introduction to the fun that is going to be had.

We'd love it if you took 14 minutes out of your day to listen.  Our podcast goes really well with dinner cooking or dish washing.  And then we hope you'll join us for episode 2 where we launch our digital book club.

Join the Revolution and start a conversation about the joy of books today!

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