Friday, July 22, 2016

Graphic Novel Round-Up: July 2016 Edition

I've been exploring the selection of graphic novels on hoopla this month, and while there isn't any Marvel, the variety is quite impressive.  You might check and see if your local library subscribes to Hoopla.  It offers quick and easy delivery of some of the most popular titles in comic books directly to your smart devices!

Invincible, Vol. 1: Family MattersInvincible : Family Matters Vol. 1 & Eight is Enough Vol. 2
Author: Robert Kirkman (author), Cory Walker, Bill Crabtree, and Kurt Busiek (artists)
Info: Image Comics, copyright 2006, 120 pages

This came highly recommended by one of my favorite teens.  If I remember correctly, it was pitched as a superhero graphic novel featuring a whole bunch of superheroes no one knows.

Ok then.  This is about Mark Grayson who is just coming into his powers.  By day he is your average high school student, and by night he is "Invincible", the newest crimefighter on the block.  His father is kind of known as being the most powerful superhero on the planet and is often pulled away from home to deal with any number of emergencies, some taking him through portals into different universes.  So Mark is learning on his own.

In volume two, the Guardians of the Globe (a.k.a. the Avengers or Justice League of unknown superheroes) find themselves in grave peril.

And now I'm highly recommending this one to you!  The teen was right.  This one is kind of awesome.

Grace Randolph's Supurbia Vol. 1Supurbia Vol. 1
Author: Grace Randolph (author), Russell Dauterman (artist)
Info: BOOM! Studies, copyright 2012, 112 pages

This is tagged as the "'Real Housewives' of Earth's greatest super-team," but I'm not sure I agree with that comparison.  It didn't really have all that much to do with the wives.  And you don't really get to know a whole lot about any of the heroes.  So...really...not a lot happened.

Like Invincible, this isn't a group of superheroes you're familiar with.  Their a part of the "Meta Legion," a strange group of individuals including an old fella who is trying to relive his glory days, a marine trying to prove himself, an alien woman who is really mean to her children, a guy who ends up in a cocoon, and a batman-esque dude who is having an affair with his sidekick.  None of them really have any amazing powers or great personalities.  In the end, the spouses decide to create a group of their own to help, so maybe the "housewives" thing is building.

Maybe I'll continue the series.  There are a few others I want to try first, and if I can remember enough about volume one when I come back around, I'll give the rest a whirl.

Ghosted, Vol. 1: Haunted HeistGhosted : Haunted Heist Vol. 1
Author: Joshua Williamson (author), Goran Suzuka and Miroslav Mrva (artists)
Info: Image Comics, copyright 2013, 144 pages

Jackson T. Winters is a thief and con man.  He's a thief and con man that has just been broken out of jail to attempt the impossible.  Markus Schrecken is a collector of the unusual, and now he wants a special item to add to his collection, and he wants Jackson Winters to find it.  A ghost from the Trask Mansion that is known for being uber-haunted.  As Winters recruits his team (in the spirit of Ocean's 11), he has one main rule...don't get caught in the mansion after dark.

Not sure I'll continue on with this one.  The current plot line seemed complete, but I gather Winter's and his abilities might go on more capers in later volumes.  A bit creepy, and not bad, but Locke & Key does creepy a lot better.

Archie, Vol. 1: The New RiverdaleArchie : The New Riverdale Vol. 1
Author: Mark Waid (author), Fiona Staples, Annie Wu, Veronica Fish (artists)
Info: Archie Comics, copyright 2016, 176 pages

Archie has recently broken up with Betty over the "lipstick" incident, and nursing a broken heart, he decides to move on and into the arms of the new girl in school...Veronica Lodge.

The artwork is beautiful, and while it's the characters of old, they have definitely been modernized.  Archie has always been, well, just fun.  And this rebook doesn't disappoint.  Archie is still a goof and a klutz; Betty is still he girl next door that everyone falls in love with; Veronica is still the little rich girl that has a heart buried underneath all the expensive clothes;  Reggie is still a butt; and Jughead is still the guy you want as your best friend.  A must read!

Next up:

  • Army of Darkness: Ash Gets Hitched
  • Saga Vol. 6
  • iZombie Vol. 1
  • Oz Vol. 1

What do you suggest?  Happy reading!!

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