Tuesday, July 12, 2016

10 Facts About Me

Ten Facts About Me
(Feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish)

General Facts
1) I'm an aunt to a precious little creature named after a movie character.
Meet "Wonder Boy" Roy Hobbs!
(I know...he's kind of a stud)

2) This is my cowardly canine, Luna Lovegood, and occasionally adorable cat, Nellie.
Luna loves Nellie.
Nellie hates Luna.
Good times.

3) I have only every worked in a library.
It has been 18 years.
I'm only 34.

4) I make popcorn at least three times a week.
And I make more than I can eat in a sitting.
So, basically, I eat popcorn every day.

5) I am compiling a bucket list of ridiculous things I want to do before I die that includes 
 * see a Moose in its natural habitat
* have a conversation with someone who believes they have been abducted by an alien
* play tambourine onstage at a concert
* hug an elephant
* hold a baby pygmy goat. 

Bookish / Blogger Facts

6) I don't like to read "classic" literature.   
I do it because I feel like I should do it, but I don't like it.  
Still planning on reading Crime and Punishment at some point this year.
But I'm not excited about it. 

7) I choose audiobooks by the reader.
If the reader has an accent, the more likely I am to listen from beginning to end.

8) I am terribly at proofreading my blog posts. :)

9) I LOVE adding parenthetical commentary
(which I'm sure amuses me more than my readers)

10) Blogging has given me the confidence to branch out and try to write fiction.
(Not saying my fiction is good...it's actually kind of bad.  But I like the challenge)

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