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10 Reasons I Love...Can you guess??

Top Ten Reasons Why I Love...
(Feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish)

According to the little blurb on The Broke and the Bookish about today's Top Ten Tuesday, I can talk about whatever I want.  Hmmm... At first I considered getting all soap-boxy and discussing why I love my local library.  But it felt a little self-serving since I'm a librarian at my local library.  Pat yourself on the back why don't you...

Then I thought about gushing ad-nausea about one of my favorite TV shows, but a girl can only talk about Peaky Blinders for so long before she just gets annoying.

So I narrowed the possible topics to five - 10 Reasons I love 1) Disney movies, 2) Gnomes (Book Plots & Polka Dots suggestion) 3) Space fiction, 4) Zachary Levi, and 5) Popcorn.  The decision was hard, because I do, in fact, love all of these things.  But I started the process of elimination anyways.

Disney movie infatuation isn't uncommon.  Many a child of the 80s and 90s grew up watching the animated wonders and can sing the songs by heart.  I've also blogged about my trips to Disney World, so the discussion has already happened.

Then there were gnomes.  And I LOVE gnomes.  I'm not weird about it, I promise.  Sure,  I occasionally take my favorite gnome on road trips with me, but that's not really that weird.  People take Flat Stanley everywhere...same thing.  Mike gets enough love on this here blog, so I'm going to put him on the shelf for another day.

Zachary Levi.  Sigh.  Oh, Zachary Levi.  I'm only eliminating him because of that "weird" factor.  Or creepy.  We're going to go with weird.  I am determinedly not creepy.  He is fabulous and adorable and talented and I'll just leave it there (and strongly encourage you to watch Chuck on Netflix.  You won't regret it.)

And then there was popcorn, which just happens to be my lazy girl go-to dining option.  As fellow librarian Aubrey so wisely puts it...popcorn is corn + corn is a vegetable = a healthy meal.  While the reasons  I love it would probably just be a listing of flavors and toppings, I'll forgo that conversation as well.

Which leads me, by process of elimination, to SPACE FICTION!  Finally, you're probably thinking, she's going to get to the list!  Well, yes.  Yes I am.  And hopefully you're still reading after all of that :)

10 Reasons Why I Love Space Fiction
(Which is kind of a total cop-out saying "Space Fiction" so that I can discuss TV and movies along with books!)

Image result for arthur dent
1) Adventurous Characters
You don't go into space unless you believe you can survive in space (unless you're Arthur Dent or the crew from Galaxy Quest who didn't really plan on going to space.  They survived relatively well despite uncouth traveling companions and ridiculously dreary odds.)  Space fiction characters, for the most part, are daring, courageous creatures who dive head first into adventure.

2) Unfamiliar Settings
Even the most fantastical fantasy has elements that are familiar to us mere humans (or at least to this mere human).  I've walked through forests, camped outside around a fire, and "climbed" mountains (comparing myself, of course, to the Fellowship on their way to destroy the one ring :) But I've never, and will never (because doing so would be a poor life choice according to Gravity) go into space.  I have to use my imagination since I don't know what the darkness of the galaxy really looks like, or what it feels like to explore Serenity or the U.S.S. Enterprise.

3) Excitement of Exploration
I don't really consider myself an explorer.  Not sure I have the constitution to travel into unknown territories, but I like to believe, that if I really did have the chance, I would "explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations boldly go where no man has gone before."

4) Strange Mix of Hopeful and Depressing
I've not come across a space fiction that was all sunshine and rainbows.  While, by definition, human life surviving in space and moving easily throughout the galaxy, is fairly hopeful, it's also dark and grimy and horrifying.  A strange mix of hopeful and depressing, and I love it.

5) Space gear
Not all space gear is high-tech and awesomene
ss.  The Zenith in Melissa Lander's Starflight reminds me more of a dirty pirate ship than a super snazzy spacecraft.  But then I think if Ernest Cline's Armada with manned ships that can easily land on earth or the Bridge in any Star Trek series and I want to go there.

6) Quick travels
Everyone just seems to get everywhere a little quicker in space.  And when it does take a long time, they do the deep sleep thing and wake up where they are supposed to be.  Very convenient.

7) Aliens
Because aliens are cool.  All aliens.  Funny aliens like the rock stars in Chris McCoy's The Prom Goer's Interstellar Excursion or scary/not so scary bugs in Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game - they're all cool.  Even crazy teacher aliens who want to steal human babies to repopulate the world in Mothership by Martin Leicht and Isla Neal.  SO totally cool.

8) Strong-independent females
I've not come across an space fiction that didn't include a strong, independent, no-nonsense girl, like Celeste from Mindee Arnett's Avalon, or Kady in Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristof, or even Ripley from the Alien franchise.  Not always smart, but always stubborn and fierce and driven.

9) Danger with a sense of humor
Come on.  I mean, Firefly.  Hilarious and dangerous, all wrapped up into perfect series.  There's a reality that you're more than likely going to die if you go into space, so you'd better know how to laugh.  Mark Watney sure knew how to laugh in The Martian.

10) Endless Possibility
I know there is a decent amount of space fiction out there, but it feels like there is so much left to cover, so many other adventures to be had.  We're only limited by our imagination.  Galaxies of our own creation, new life, new experiences, all within the realm of human existence and behavior.  Can't wait to see what's out there.

Did I drop enough title/author combos? I have a few more on my list to read this year.

What do you love?

Happy reading!

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