Friday, April 29, 2016

Library GrabBag: Lions and Tigers and Bears...oh my!

We're excited to host our annual spring book-themed lock-in this evening at my library.  For the last three years we have hosted classic evenings of fun starting with a Mad Hatter Tea Party, then heading into Narnia to battle the White Witch, and finally traveling to Oz for Lions & Tigers & Bears, Oh My!

I'm super excited to see all the fun things our phenomenal Teen Librarian, Jessica (a.k.a. Book Plots & Polka Dots) has planned for the evening.  A lot of the activities we pulled from Pinterest (tweaking here and there to make it work for our setting and our teens).  Similar to our other book-themed lockins, we've made each station match scenes from the book and movie.  


Lions, Tigers, and Bears Lock In (5-8:30PM)
(5-5:15) Rules/Icebreaker (Courage Walk)
(5:15-5:45) Jeopardy 
  • Categories: Munchkins, Oz, Wicked Witch, Dorothy, Book vs. Movie
(5:45-6:30) Relay
  • Yellow Brick Road, Piece together the Scarecrow, Broom Race
(6:30-7) Snack time – Perler beads characters (watch movie) 
(7-7:45) Scavenger Hunt
  • Tornado (In a jar)
  • Glinda (Wands)
  • Tinman (Magnetic pin the heart)
  • Emerald City (Green glasses)
  • Balloon (Lightbulbs)
  • I Spy (Toto, Munchkins, Flying monkeys, heart, brain, courage) 
  • Wicked Witch (Find the witch)
(7:45-8:15) Capture the Flag – Monkeys vs. Munchkins (Wearing green glasses) 

(8:15-8:30) Goodies and Goodbyes

Courage Walk
Lion had to find courage so we’re going to too. Break into teams. Blindfold first person in line. Go through obstacle course. Must give directions to each other to make it through: go forward, step up, go to left or right, get down and crawl. Not allowed to pull team members through course, must direct by talking.

Scavenger Hunt

Whole Night
Find Witch – Certificate of Death Scroll (We're hiding the Wicked Witch of the East somewhere in the building - at her location will be a basket filled with death certificates.  Each teen must collect a certificate to prove they found her.)

Find Cutouts – Earn Brain, Heart, Courage. 

(Station 1)  Tornado in a Jar
  • empty jar with tight fitting top
  • water
  • dish soap
  • fine glitter
1. Fill the jar ¾ of the way full with water. 
2. Add two drops of dish soap. 
3. Add a teaspoon of glitter. 
4. Screw on the top tightly and spin that tornado. 

(Station 2)  Glinda’s Wand
  • wooden dowel rod
  • pretties
  • hot glue gun/sticks
  • stars cuts from cardstock
(Station 3) Pin the Heart on the Tinman 
(Station 4) Emerald Glasses
  • glasses
  • green cellophane 

 (Station 5) Hot Air Balloon
  • craft lightbulb
  • fabric puff paint
  • colorful paint
  • stick on jewels?
  • Styrofoam
  • toothpicks
  • hot glue gun/sticks
  • twine

Yellow Brick Road Relay
Split into your groups. Each group gets two bricks. These bricks are the only thing you can step on to travel from the start, around the orange cone, and back. Put the bricks down and step on them. Once back at the line, pass the brick to the next player in line. You must always have your feet on a brick as you cross the floor. Relay continues until all team members had gone. The team that finishes first wins. 
Scarecrow Relay 
The Scarecrow has fallen apart and you must find his pieces and put him together again. 

Witch's Broom Relay Race
Find 3 broom race signs throughout the library - one in Children's, one in Teen, and one on the 2nd floor; station a team member at each sign.  One person from your team take a broom ride to the next person.  Pass the broom on to the person at the sign.  Continue passing the broom on to your team member at each sign.  The team member at sign three must return to the Teen Reference Desk.  

As for snacks - we have a wonderful family bringing rice krispie treats (bricks from the Yellow Brick Road), Sour Patch Kids (munchkins), and Puppy Chow (Flying Monkey Chow).  We're purchasing Ding Dongs (the witch is dead!), rainbow punch, and apples (in case we need to throw something at any evil trees).

Each participant will also receive a goodie bag that will include a time turner, twisty straw, candy, and a rainbow sucker.  The bag will also be the perfect place to store their hot air balloon, wand, and tornado in a jar when they are complete.

Should be a fun evening!

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