Tuesday, April 5, 2016

10 Bookish People You Should Follow

Ten Bookish People You Should Follow
(Feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish)

I admit that I don't spend as much time with bookish people over the inter webs as I would like, but I appreciate all that they provide to the community.  As a librarian, we often have people ask us if library's are a thing of the past.  "Do people really still read?" they wonder.  All anyone needs to do is point them in the direction of the "book" community flooding the Internet in any number of ways.

Books are still very much alive.  And so are libraries.  We evolve.  We explore.  And we survive on the passions and talents of amazing people.  And we have some pretty amazing people who support us along the way as well (see Neil Gaiman's eloquent, heartfelt, totes awesome speech in 2013).

Some on my list are friends.  Others are professionals who are paid to push books.  And then there are those who just love to read and share their enthusiasm.  I have my issues with "Booktube" and "Bookstagram", but in the end it's about sharing a love of the written word.  And as a book nerd, that's all you really ask for.

1) Bookplots & Polkadots - Sure, I might work with her, but Jessica never shies away from a good conversation about books.  You should check out her reviews and the awesome fun she has on Instagram (@bookplots_n_polkadots).

2) Not only is Julia at stylishinthestacks.com a school librarian, she's also an avid book reader and fashionista.  Her blog has tons of flair and whimsy, and so does she.  You can also check her out on YouTube (Stylish Stacks) and Instagram (@stylishinthestacks).

3) Epic Reads - I've mentioned Epic Reads on the blog before, but they are worth mentioning again.  Especially their YouTube channel and the fun "Book Nerd Problems" videos.  They leave you believing they really work in an office of book nerds who totally understand how hard it can be at times to love reading SO much.

4) @readsleepfangirl takes some awesome photos on Instagram, and I like, and choose, to believe that she has read all the beautiful books on her bookshelf.  And I'm totally jealous of her Funko Pop collection!

5) There's no logical reason why you're not following author Maggie Stiefvater on Twitter.  You should pause right here and go do that.

6) You should also be following publishers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to find out what you need to add to your Goodreads TBR list!  I follow Fierce Books, Harper Collins, Epic Reads, Harlequin Teen, I Read YA, and PenguinTeen just to name a few.

7) Are you following your local library?  You should totally follow your local library.  Not only would they really appreciate you "liking" and following them via just about an social media outlet, but you can stay up-to-date on what is happening in your community and get connected with other book-minded individuals!  If you want, you can follow my library on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube!

8)  What about your local bookstore?  Be it chain or independent, they need all the love you can give them.  Let's work on keeping bookstores open and vibrant in our communities!  Indy Reads.  Kids Inc.

9 & 10) My last two come from YouTube.  Maybe it's my age.  Maybe it's working long days in a public service profession.  Shoot.  Maybe it's just my personality, but I prefer "pleasant" people over highly agitated, yell at the screen kind of people.  To each there own.  But in case you're one of the few not watching Jesse the Reader and the Peruse Project on YouTube (Booktube), you should really check them out.  They are enthusiastic, read widely, and seemingly pleasant individuals.

Wasn't sure I was going to make it to 10!  But look at that.  A full list :)  Who is on your list?  Happy reading!

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