Thursday, November 19, 2015

#YALLfest 2015

Hi everyone!  I've missed our time together.  This NaNoWriMo thing is kicking my butt.  With any luck, by the time you read this, I'll be past 25,000 words...only three days behind on word count :)  I took some writing time off to head back to Charleston, South Caroline for this year's YALLfest, and it was just as much fun as last year.

Julia, my librarian buddy and blogger friend at Stylish in the Stacks, dominated the festival meeting over thirty different authors.  I got stuck in some slower lines, but had just as much fun.

A quick shout out to the wonderful volunteers and event coordinators for putting on such a great event.  I met some of the most amazing, enthusiastic book lovers ever who each had a story to share and an author to gush over.  We actually stayed with a couple that we met last year in line!  They were amazing and gracious hosts who are just tons of fun and an absolute pleasure to know.  Another very successful year!

Here's who I got to meet:

                            Kiera Cass                         Elizabeth Wein                     Gail Carriger

                     Scott Westerfeld                      Brandon Mull                          Rae Carson

                      Danielle Paige                       Margaret Stohl                       Aaron Hartzler

                      Dobby: A Free Elf                  Marissa Meyer                      Julie Kagawa

              A newspaper photographer               Libba Bray                         Carolyn Mackler

                       David Leviathan                  Susane Colasanti                  Michelle Falloff

                          Nicola Yoon                       Rachel Caine                Epic Reads: Margot Wood

            Epic Reads: Elizabeth                                                                           Fun with us!

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  1. This is the best function room in the city. The food they served at event space Chicago was warm, fresh and tasty, and the panoramic window is a sight to behold on a clear day. Their main hall was similar to a club/lounge – however, it had more of an intimate feel.


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