Monday, November 9, 2015

NaNoWriMo Update #1

Week #1 is complete, and I finished with 14,503 words written, a little more than par.  That's a whole 13,000 more than I wrote last year :)

I'm chalking it up to the two events I attended with some really awesome people.  First was a regional meet up at the local Denny's where I met some pretty dedicated and hilarious folks who were diving off the deep end as well.

And then, this past Saturday, I hung out at my local library (a.k.a. my place of employment) and participated in a Harry Potter writing crawl that offered up some fun challenges over the course of the afternoon.  There was also a relaxed afternoon at Starbucks (tasty peppermint hot chocolate in hand) with my writing buddy Jessica.

The story is progressing.  I've hit some roadblocks here and there, and it's going in a direction that I hadn't quite intended at the onset, but it has been a lot of fun to write and share with the people that are cheering me on.

It's really a ridiculous story that is a vehicle for shameless pop culture plugs and inside jokes, but the heroine is finding her way through a strange land and the troubled young man who got her into all of the trouble is starting to reveal his own weaknesses.

Here's a snippet for your amusement (with a friendly reminder that it is unedited:)

First there was darkness, and Evie considered the fact that she might just be the biggest idiot in the world, stepping trustingly through a door in a magical tent in the middle of the woods.  When the large, wooden, circular door closed behind her, a world appeared and she most definitely came to terms with the fact that there was magic in the world.

And then she realized she was terrified.  She turned back around, grasping for the doorknob, but the door had disappeared, and she found herself standing in the middle of a forest.  Perhaps she should have thought this through a little more.  She hadn’t really intended on going on quite this big of an adventure...especially one that started with a handsome librarian and a magical tent.  She wasn’t quite sure what she expected but this never crossed her mind.  And how could it ever?  Seriously, she thought, I’m seriously losing my mind.

Evie sat down on the ground, in a comfortable patch of green grass, and decided to take a moment to think, to assess, to determine just how much trouble she was currently in.  After taking a good look around her surroundings, she immediately concluded that she was not, in fact, in Indiana anymore.  Or quite possibly reality.  She was in a lot of trouble.

The trees were tall.  Immensely tall.  Gigantically tall.  And so was the grass.  And the flowers.  And the humongous ladybug that had just landed on a boulder a stone’s throw from where she was sitting.  She was in a giant world.  Or she was very, very small.  Or she was somehow in Honey, I Shrunk the Kids.  Which possibility was real was yet to be decided.

She considered very seriously about screaming.  But then, Evie thought, she might attract the unwanted attention of the terrifyingly large ladybug.  So then she tossed around the idea of breaking down into tears.  But what good would that do?  It might make her feel better, but it wasn’t going to give her any answers to the one-million questions running through her head.

Evie closed her eyes, slowly inhaled and exhaled three very large breaths, and reopened her eyes, hoping to find that she was actually sitting on her couch, Milo in her lap, and waking from a dream.  The Librarian had called this her “story”.  If this was indeed a story, she hated the idea that she would just wake up and realize that none of this had actually happened.  That was a terrible plot device.  If she was going to go on this adventure, then it had at the very least to be real.

Instead, when she opened her eyes, she found a monstrous ladybug staring at her.  And it was at that moment that she decided she had two options.  First option was to stay put.  Wait out the thirteen hours and hope that the Librarian was just joking about being stuck here forever.  Second option was to get up and start walking.  Somewhere.  Away from the giant ladybug that could potentially kill her.  Would a ladybug kill her?  Were they carnivorous little creatures?  Or big creatures in this instance?

Perhaps she should have asked Levi what would happen to her if she died on this side of the door.  If you die in a dream, do you just wake up, or are you dead?  And then she started thinking about the movie Inception, and the concept of a dream within a dream within a dream.  Which led to “I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream” getting stuck in her head, and she realized that she was super nervous, because when she got nervous weird things would pop into her head, and had she been saying all of this out loud, she would have been rambling on and on and on.

Evie wasn’t really willing to find out if the ladybug would kill her and if that would mean she was dead, dead, so she stood up, brushed off her pants, and realized that she had slipped the envelope with the items she was supposed to collect in her back pocket.


  1. Hmmm, I see you have named your handsome librarian Levi. I am now going to be forced to picture Chuck the entire story :). I'm loving this story so far!!

    1. You picked up on that, huh? I can neither confirm nor deny that a certain character is based on a certain other character. It has been a lot of fun to write so far...but I'm a little behind and starting to stress. YALLfest destroyed my momentum.


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