Friday, October 30, 2015

Library GrabBag: Zombie Fest 2015

It's that time of year again...our annual Zombie Fest program at the library.  I was doing some hunting through a random drawer in my office today and came across the info for my very first Zombie Fest.  That was way back in 2010!  This will be my sixth annual event!

Crazy how time flies, and even crazier how the program has morphed throughout the years.  The first event was huge.  We had over fifty teens stay for the fun, and to be honest, it was too many.  Other programs work well with those kinds of numbers, but there's something about "zombies" that get kids super excited and ramped up.

We now hold the registration to 20 teens and the more intimate setting is much more enjoyable for both the teens and staff.  I'd rather do a couple more after hours programs than one huge one any day of the week.  Lessons learned (and I'm happy to elaborate why if you're curious!  Just send me a note!)

Anyhoo, here's what we have planned this year:

1) Group Picture (I actually put this in the itinerary now so I don't forget :)
2) Costume contest / Zombie walk contest
3) Zombie Survival Scavenger Hunt - downloaded this game.  We're going to give it a whirl.  We've paired it with activity stations.  They'll play in groups of five and complete the tasks.  Points will be awarded for speed and successfully completing each station.  Stations include

  • Spell BRAINS with your body
  • Cardboard cutout picture op
  • Which member of your team would survive the Zombie Apocalypse worksheet
  • ZOMBIE acrostic poem
  • Zombie birthday party picture op
  • First aid station
  • Zombie Shame sign station
  • Create a weapon station

4) Humans vs. Zombies capture the flag

  • Zombies collect brains and try to capture a human (flag)
  • Humans collect canned food items and try to save a human (flag)
  • (1) antidote hidden on each side that can be used if found to return to the game
  • 5 points for every canned food item or brain collection
  • 20 points for flag retrieved
  • Most points wins

5) Pizza & Zombie Dice tournament
6) Zombie party games

  • Musical Zombies
  • Legless Race
  • Life-size Plants vs. Humans

7) Human vs. Zombies survival game

  • Humans must find the hidden doctor, fighter, and scientist and get them safely to headquarters
  • Zombies are trying to turn humans.  Must find the zombie card with the humans name on it and tag them to turn them
  • Zombies win if all humans turned
  • Humans win if doctor, fighter, and scientist are found, taken to headquarters, and protected for 5 minutes
Should be fun!  We also have fun goodie bags to hand out at the end of the evening with zombie paraphernalia and candy.  We always like to send them home with a little something.

Did you plan anything fun for Halloween?

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