Monday, October 26, 2015

Bellybuttons and Miners

Last week was most definitely not one of my favorite week's ever.  You might have noticed that there was no blog posting.  We are blaming my gallbladder.  The evil little organ was given me quite the trouble, so last Monday it had to come out.

Some have heard me say this already, but in case we haven't had a conversation, no human being is ever touching my bellybutton again.  I never paid much heed to it before, but now I am oh, so, protective.  Other than that, and my incredible impatience when it comes to healing, all went well and I am very slowly mending.

Post-surgery meant sitting around a lot, and while I had the best of intentions to get a lot of reading done, the reality was that it was very difficult to concentrate on just about everything.

Except television :)

The highlights (in case you're looking for your next binge watch):

The Halloween season demands at least one viewing of Monster Squad.  A couple of years ago I wrote about why it's made of awesome.  You can check that out here :)

Then I watched Poldark, a PBS Masterpiece series.  And Oh. My. Goodness.  I LOVED it.  Set in Cornwall, England just after the American Revolution, it follows the story of a returned solider who finds his inheritance (a mine and farmland) in ruins.  It's a historical piece that is brilliantly acted, romantic, and will one day be added to my personal collection.

And finally I finished the first season of Outlander.  Despite the complaints I've fielded as a reference librarian about the "mature" content (to which I so desperately wanted to reply "turn the darn thing off then if you are offended"), the storyline often had me yelling at th screen.  It's gritty and brutal, but beautiful.  One day I'm going to make it the the Scottish highlands.  The scenery is absolutely breathtaking.

In between the binge watching, there was a lot of HGTV's Fixer Upper and the usual array of primetime television.

Are you powering through any television series at the moment?  Or do you have any suggestions on what I should tackle next?

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