Thursday, October 8, 2015

A Completed Project

First things first!  We've uploaded our newest #TeenTalk video and a fun promo for National Novel Writing Month for your viewing pleasure.


Back in July I introduced you to our new Teen Room.  As of Thursday of last week, the room was officially completed!  We have a ceiling; we have new lighting; and we have an interactive wall that rivals a museum's.  It's the coolest thing I've ever seen.

And because it's that awesome, a teen decided to review it for us...

"OH MY GIGGLY GOSH DANG DOORKNOB!! This is the horrible noise that first escaped my mouth when i saw these fantastically amazing new... wall... things. On the surface, which is just what our unworthy human eyes can see, they are already beautiful beacons of hope and love. however deep down in their core, they are so much more, happiness, truth, space, time, life, death. The walls are the only. They are all there is. They are Shrek.

As you may know, the Teen Room has a new feature. The Maker Walls. They come in three forms, Lego, Peg Wall, and Magnets. Each more beautiful than the last, yet the ones before them are more beautiful than that. They are an infinite cycle of unending greatness. My pitiful mortal words do nothing to describe their greatness. This is a spectacle you must witness for yourself."

Thank you again to the Johnson County Community Foundation for supporting Teen Services and funding this fun interactive wall, and to Ben Roberts for making our dreams a reality :)



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