Monday, September 7, 2015

My Fall Bucket List (It shall be done)

First things first...HAPPY LABOR DAY!  I hope you're off.  You deserve it.  You work hard.  Go have some fun.  In the spirit of fun, today's post is about enjoying time with family and friends doing fun things around the state.

It's September, and while Mother Nature hasn't figured that out, I'm going to live like it's fall.  Because that's my favorite season, and by golly, I'm ready for apple cider.  I love to watch the leaves change, feel the crisp cool air that requires a light jacket or sweatshirt, and the multitude of festivals that are sprinkled across the state.

There was a Facebook post yesterday about a mommy blog creating a fall bucket list.  Being a workaholic (yes, I said it out loud.  My name is Emily, and I am a workaholic), I find it's best to schedule out what I want to do so that it actually gets done.  If it's on the calendar, I can't stay late at work (or at least that's the strategy).

So here's my fall bucket list.  Who wants to join me?!

1) Visit Nashville, IN or Brown County State Park to enjoy the foliage (Scheduled! Sort of...FYA Book Club at the Story Inn!)

2) Pick apples at an orchard

3) Carve a pumpkin

4) Enjoy the evening with a bonfire

5) Conquer a corn maze

6) Attend the Historic Irvington Halloween Festival Street Festival (October 31st)

7) Attend the Ohio Renaissance Festival (Scheduled! September 12th with the fam :)

8) Go shopping at Metamora Canal Days (Scheduled! October 2nd with the Woman :)

9) Attend a covered bridge festival

10) Attend the "Music of the Night" event at Crown Hill Cemetery followed by a ghost walk (Scheduled! October 22nd with the Dude and the Woman :) 

11) Have a picnic with friends at a park

12) Go on a hike with Luna at a park I have'n't been to this year

13) Go to the Columbian Park Zoo in Lafayette

14) Finish NaNoWriMo 2015

15) Meet some authors (Scheduled! November 13-14 with!)

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