Thursday, September 3, 2015

My Current Obsessions

Here is how I've been wasting spending my time:

I just got through binge watching The Lizzie Bennet Diaries for the third time.  Yep.  I was one of those people who pledged some Kickstarter money for the DVDs.  My name is totally on the insert :)

People, in case you're not aware, there is some seriously awesome web stuff happening on YouTube! If you're a fan of binge watching, you can knock out a series or two during a weekend.  The cool thing is that most episodes are only 5-10 minutes tops, so it doesn't feel like you lose your entire life to the endeavor...unless of course you veg out.

This is what I'm watching:

It's cheesy, but kind of hilarious.

When I'm not watching Table Top episodes with Wil Wheaton, I'm enjoying me some Space Janitors. Love the Geek & Sundry channel!

Most of my weekends revolve around house work.  There's a lawn to be mowed, a dog to walk, vacuuming, and vacuuming and vacuuming.  So in-between the audiobooks I've been listening to (finishing up The Grace Keepers by Kirsty Logan (which is weird and sad and often times fantastic), I take a break with podcasts.

This is what I'm listening to:

Reel Spoilers (see Facebook page here)
Definitely don't listen if you don't like spoilers, cause it's kind of in the title.  These gentleman recap the latest movie they've gone to see.  There are super long tangents about whatever, but I find it very entertaining.

Guilty Movie Pleasures (see website here)
Okay, so I like movies and talking to people about movies and listening to people talk about movies.  Especially when they're talking about cheesy older movies that you just can't help but love.

Pop Culture Happy Hour (see website here)
When I'm all caught up on episodes of Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!, I'm listening to Pop Culture Happy Hour.  More movie talk, and also a fun segment about what is making the hosts happy at the moment.

You Must Remember This (see website here)
A podcast on "the secret and forgotten history of 20th century Hollywood."  Totally learning all about Charles Manson.  And he's terrifying.  Needed a mystery fix after finishing up Serial.

This is what I'm reading:

Back into graphic novels and, of course, Queen of Shadows!!!!!  It's super long, so the graphic novels are for quick breaks.  I'm knee deep into Scott Snyder's Batman series, and I'm struggling through Morning Glories (no idea what is going on).  Fingers crossed the long weekend will be reading productive!

So what are you obsessing over?

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  1. Oh, I love the Space Janitors series! It's one of those wickedly fun things to watch on youtube.


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