Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Library GrabBag: Top Secret-A Spy Adventure

We hosted another after hours program at my library - this time a spy themed adventure.  There were 19 agents-in-training who attended the event.  Each agent-in-training received a code name (we did not let them pick-that could easily eat up an hours worth of time), a passport, a secret mission that they alone would have to complete at some point during the evening without anyone knowing, a crossword puzzle to work on if they completed tasks early, and a pad of paper to take notes if needed.

After completing spy training, each newly certified agent was sent out to complete missions.  When a mission was completed, they would receive a letter stamp for their passport.  The letters, unscrambled, would give them the location of the stolen Hope Diamond.

The program was A LOT of fun, especially because teenagers can't keep a secret to save their lives.  The best part was watching them try to complete their personal secret missions without anyone knowing.

In case you're interested, here's a run down of the evenings itinerary:

Identify Yourself and Receive Further Instructions
  • Each agent will enter the Government Headquarters (The Teen Room) and approach the desk where they will be fingerprinted, receive ID Badge and Code name.
  • Recruits will then take their seats in the Briefing Area, matching their code name to a packet at the table.
  •  Each packet includes passport, individual missions, and supplies for the evening. At this time agents will read their packets while the rest of the agents enter. Information should be kept confidential!
  • Packets will also include a crossword or wordsearch to work on while waiting or in spare moments throughout the night. It must be completed by the end of the evening in order to receive party favors.
Spy Training Icebreakers
  • Pass the dynamite – Hot Potato with dynamite
  • Defuse the bomb – A roll of red yarn attached to a Styrofoam ball, rap around kids until one reaches the end and defuses it. 

Training around the World
  • Russia: Target practice – Nerf guns and targets
  • Germany: Create your disguise – construction paper, glue, dowel rods, and pipe cleaner
  • Venezuela: Memory/Sketch faces – Watch a video and sketch the face – Bletchley
  • India: Maps/Traveling – Where in the World is Carmen Sandiago – Location, Info embassies in different countries using tablets
  • Italy: Mario (driving) – Must get in the top 3! 
  • France: Photobooth – Smile pretty
6:15-6:45 Pizza Interrogation (Mafia)
  • The winner from Defuse the Bomb gets the first piece of pizza.
  • Each table will play a game of Interrogation (aka Mafia).
  • All agents will listen to a recording regarding the theft of the Hope diamond.
  • The recording will instruct agents that they will face many obstacles while attempting to retrieve the stolen goods, including possible sabotage by fellow agents. In order to retrieve the jewel and identify the thief, they must pass each obstacle.
  • Each packet will include a passport that must be checked or stamped by one of the Special Agents as each obstacle is passed. 
  • After playing once the recording will “self-destruct.”
  • Wales: Decode messages – Decode message to lead each to next task.
  • Switzerland: Laser beams – Laser beam maze on second floor through stacks
  • Australia: Battleship
  • Thailand: Invisible Ink – What does the message say?
  • Zimbabwe: Mystery Box – What do you feel?(a letter)
  • Iceland: Balloon Pop – A clue is inside(dynamite)
  • Kenya: Question and Answer. Learn about the diamond.
  • Peru: Zumba
7:45 – 8:00
Mission Solved
  • The treasure will be located in the computer classroom. In order to retrieve the treasure, agents must alert the Special Agents of the treasure’s possible location and retrieve special access into the computer classroom.
  • Agents should realize that the only way the treasure could be in the computer classroom (where only agents have access) is if one or more of the party are double agents!!!
  • The winner from Pass the Dynamite hides first. The others go look for them and stay quiet until everyone has found them.
Goody Bags and Goodbyes

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