Monday, August 10, 2015

Library GrabBag: Blanket Forts and Fun

Last post about our Summer Reading fun!  What's better than blanket forts, pizza, and a movie in the library?  Not much, I tell you.  Not much.  As part of our DIY fun, and coming off the time-intensive three-week Movie Magic Camp, we wanted something carefree and fun to do with our teens.  And thus, blanket forts in the library was born.  It really doesn't get much easier than this.  Bring in a few blankets, take over a designated space, and let the kids get creative.  After the set up the fort, we delivered the pizza and put on Big Hero 6.  They laughed, they worked together, they made some new friends, and the gorged on cheap food.  It was a fun afternoon!  The program wasn't anything fancy, but it was a great opportunity for the teens to have fun in the library, with the staff, remembering how cool it is to still be a kid. 


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