Friday, July 31, 2015

Random Summer Obsessions

It's a strange thing, when regular TV goes to re-runs.  There's a void.  I don't necessarily miss the shows themselves, but I'm left wondering what to do with the little extra time I have after work.  Usually, during the summer, I pick a show and binge watch.  I've been tackling my second viewing of the BBC's Merlin (including the 5th and final season which I refused to watch the first time around).  It hasn't been as "magical" as the summer I discovered Chuck, but the show is amazing and keeps me highly entertained.

But the randomness really became obvious in the late evening hours when I discovered "MeTV."  There's nothing quite like retro television.  Mondays are filled with memories of getting ready for school in the morning watching Saved By the Bell.  Tuesdays I discovered that the Fonz was kind of a bully in the early episodes of Happy Days.  Wednesdays have left me in stitches watching Laverne and Shirley, but it's Thursday, much to the chagrin of my family, that I have had the most fun.

Yes, Thursdays are awesome because they are Welcome Back, Kotter days on MeTV.  Don't judge me.  The jokes are terrible and the characters are terribly annoying, but I love it.  I love the laugh track and the ridiculous situations the Sweat Hogs find themselves in each week.  I love the cranky vice principal and the too cool John Travolta.

And to top it all off, every week day evening after all of the fun is The Carol Burnett Show.  Tim Conway is a comedic genius.  He mastered physical comedy and delivers every time, sometimes with a smirk on his face praying not to dissolve into a fit of laughter.  But when he makes Harvey laugh, well then the show is at its best.

So this summer has been a random TV viewing fest.

But wait, it gets weirder.  Because, you see, I have rediscovered my love for 90s country music.  You couldn't pay me to listen to any current country radio station, but give me 90s classics from Garth Brooks, Hal Ketchum, or JoDee Messina, and I'm singing at the top of my lungs (minus George Strait who irrationally terrifies me.)  It doesn't make any sense, believe me, I know.

And what's even more strange is the inevitability of this post and me spouting my love for music that is twangy and overly sentimental.  But it's the memories that go along with it.  It's piling into the car and driving to Greencastle, Indiana to spend the weekend with my grandparents.  It's visiting the free stage at the State Fair.  It's cassette tapes and long drives that make them so endearing.  90s country has its place in the soundtrack of my life alongside Peter and Gordon, The Beach Boys, and early John Mayer.  Just thinking about them now puts a smile on my face.  Surely you too have music that is quite embarrassing but makes you smile.

What random things have you been enjoying this summer?  Surely I'm not the only one with unique tastes in TV and music!

And because this is my here blog, and I LOVE lists, I might as well share my top 10 favorite 90s country tunes.  (Feel free to click on the links to enjoy the songs on YouTube!)

10) "Every Once in Awhile" - BlackHawk
9) "I Told You So" - Randy Travis
8) "Passionate Kisses" - Mary Chapin Carpenter
7) "Wild One" - Faith Hill
6) "Wide Open Spaces" - Dixie Chicks
5) "She's in Love with the Boy" - Trisha Yearwood
4)  "If the World Had a Front Porch" - Tracy Lawrence
3) "I Know Where Love Lives" - Hal Ketchum
2) "Straight Tequila Night" - John Anderson
1) "We Were in Love" - Toby Keith

And of course, anything by Garth Brooks!

Dear goodness, I really think I need to get back to my usual routine...

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