Thursday, June 25, 2015

Library GrabBag: How to Be Batman

My library likes to come up with its own themes for Summer Reading.  Over the past eight years, we've travelled back in time, gone on adventures to fantastical lands, and relaxed on the beach.  This year we decided to embrace the Pinterest life with a DIY summer.

DIY program is super easy to come by and we filled our summer programming calendar with some fun and exciting events for teens...including one of my favorite:  how to be Batman.

Batman is kind of a celebrity in my Teen Room.  On any given day you will hear at least three different boys acting, talking, and glaring as if they were the caped crusader.  While I thought the Dark Knight movies rocked, I can only take so much of the Christian Bale Batman rasp.  But we embraced it, because that's what our teens like, and had a little fun along the way.

This was a drop in program.  Activities could be completed in about a half hour to forty-five minutes, and the program ran from 1-3pm with over thirty teens in attendance.

Activity 1) The Batman Climb
While not many of the teens had actually seen Adam West's Batman, we couldn't ignore the hilarious awesomeness that started it all.  With a rope on a door knob, and a camera turned just so, our teens practiced "climbing" up the sides of walls.

Activity 2) Devouring Your Villain
Batman has many enemies, but we devoured one of them at the event with "Two-Face" pretzels, pretzels dipped into two colors of candy melt.  Every program goes better with a snack anyway.

Activity 3) Target Practice
We all know Batman likes his gadgets, especially his bat claw thingamajig.  But it's not usefully unless he has great aim, so teens practiced their shot with nerf guns and balloons.

Activity 4) Perfecting the Logo
The city of Gotham calls for help with his logo projected into the sky.  Teens practiced drawing the logo to get it right.

Activity 5) "I am Batman"
The voice.  The oh so annoying voice was embraced.  Teens recorded their best Batman impersonations reading a variety of Batman quotes.

Activity 6) Embracing the Bat
Bruce Wayne had to come to terms with his fear of bats, our teens did too.  No, we did not stick them in a cave full of the nighttime predators.  They made origami bats (which would also make great "throwing stars".

Activity 7) Designing the Look
And finally, the masked vigilante must decorate his or her mask.

Here's a link to the Pinterest Board we started in case you're interested.  Have you done any other great Batman activities at your library?

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