Monday, June 15, 2015

Letting Go on the Isle of Palms

While you're reading this on Monday, I'm writing it on Friday, sitting in a comfy chair that looks out on the ocean.  Vacation is coming to an end and to be honest, I'm not quite ready to get back to "real life".  Coming from a family of campers, we have spent the week in luxury, relaxing in a condo, taking naps by the pool, and playing in the surf.  It was a very relaxing week and one I know I will appreciate years to come remembering how the whole family was together.

Have you ever had that moment on vacation when you vow to change things back home when you return to regularly scheduled program?  You promise that you will slow down a little more, enjoy the moment, not allow yourself to get so tense and stressed.  I'm going to leave work on time.  And I'm going to take more walks.  And I'm going to laugh more.

I feel like I've had that moment all week.  I have the strong desire to adopt a minimalist lifestyle, get rid of what I don't need, turn the TV off, and enjoy what's happening around me just a little more.  Life is in the experience, not the stuff we accumulate. I only write this in hopes that I'll remember, or when life gets overwhelming or lonely or too-preoccupied, I can come back to this post and think, " you remember that relaxing week on the Isle of Palms, one of the most awesome beach towns in the country, when you let go of your worries, put your phone down, and just enjoyed yourself?"  That can be life.

(Maybe I read a little too much this week.  Sarah Dessen always makes me think and ponder and dream.  Review of Saint Anything to come :)

So here's to vacation and the small reminder to just live and enjoy.

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