Thursday, May 14, 2015

Sew Awesome: Take II

Is May over yet?  I know I'm not allowed to complain...I'm only making four skirts and my friend Kendra (kendrabookgirl) is making thirty (which you should TOTALLY check out because they are amazing!), but all this crafting is kind of stressing me out :)  Sewing isn't really easy in my house.  My dog feels like I'm shunning her which encourages mischievous behavior throughout the house, and my cat sits on the fabric as I'm trying to cut the pattern, on my lap when I'm at the sewing machine, and has, on occasion tried to actually climb through the sewing machine as I'm working.  There are a lot of distractions.

And another thing...I'm not a confident skirt wearer, and for someone who is constantly climbing on things or crawling all over the floor at work for any number of reasons, skirts are a bit inconvenient.  I'm pretty sure, by the end of the month, I will have worn more skirts in one month than I did in all of 2014.  

But I can say my stitches are getting straighter, my ability to read a pattern is improving, and projects that seemed so daunting a month ago seem almost possible with my limited skills.

So here we go, skirt #2 in this month of skirt craziness.  It should look familiar if you've visited before, and if you recall, it might be a little see-through.  Fingers crossed the measures taken to avoid embarrassment work!

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