Thursday, March 19, 2015

Poisoned Apples

Author: Christine Heppermann
Info: Greenwillow Books, copyright 2014, 114 pages

A review in 10 words (or thereabouts): There is violence in beauty and happily ever afters.

Once upon a time...
you were a princess,
or an orphan.
A wicked witch,
fairy godmother,
prom queen,
team captain,
Big Bad Wolf,
Little Bo Peep.
But you are more than just a hero or
a villain, cursed or charmed.  You are
everything in between.
You are everything.

In fifty poems Christine Heppermann places fairy tales side by side with the modern teenage girl.

~Goodreads Description

I'm not big on poetry.  The way the words are put together is beautiful, I just don't understand them in that particular abstract order.  But Heppermann I kind of got.  Poisoned Apples is like seeing the back side of the fairy tale.  The story without the happily ever after.  The truth behind the scenes.  It's fairy tale versus reality.  I suppose it's truth revealing.  There's a violence in beauty, inside and out

It's poetry that I can find a connection with, and it's poetry that I think is really important in the Teen Room.

That being said, I think fairy tales are important too.  While they leave a lot to be desired, there's a beauty in hope, perseverance, and dreaming of something better.  You take from stories what you want to take from stories.  It's a conversation.  A dialogue that demands to be had.  A feminist can love Cinderella, and it's okay to dream of a happily ever after.  But that's just my two cents (and maybe I completely adored the newest Cinderella movie.  It's beautiful.)

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