Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Top 10 Things I Like/Dislike When It Comes To Romances In Books

Top Ten Likes/Dislikes When It Comes to Romances in Books
(Feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish)

Oh February, the month of store bought love :)  I'm not going to go there, don't worry.  But today's Try It Tuesday just so happens to be about romance and all that mushy stuff, so let's do this thing!

Here we go...what do I like (and not like) about romance books.  [Disclaimer: I do not really read "romance" in the adult, muscle-y shirtless guy on the cover next to girl whose dress seems to be coming off kind of way.  I prefer my romances a wee bit more subtle than that.  And I'm a serious blusher.]

Despite the sappiness, I like...

1) The boy/girl next door
A girl can dream can't she.  The soulmate that moves in next door.  Sigh.

2) Boys who empower girls, not keep them in a box
Don't treat her like a damsel in distress.  Appreciate her talents

3) Great conversation (and slow to fall)
Love takes time, so why not enjoy some great conversation

4) The strong silent type
In reality, this would drive me crazy, but on the page, I kind of love it :)  
It's mysterious and thrilling and fun.

5) Love triangles
When you like them both and it hurts a little to say goodbye to one, I heart it so much.

Because of the sappiness and general stupidity I dislike...
(Quick note, while on 

6) "I hate you!" (No I don't, I totally love you)
You're kidding no one.  We no what's happening and if you just had the guts to say 
how you really feel, you can avoid all the drama.  Drama, drama, drama.

7) Love triangles
When it's completely obvious who is the third wheel, 
love triangles get very tiresome.  Very.

8) Needy girls who are lame
Grow a backbone and strand up for yourself.  You are a capable 
human being with a brain.  Geez oh pete.

9) The boy/girl next door
You idiot!  He/she was right there all along!  What is your damage?!

10) The strong silent type
Get over yourself sir!  Do you think your angst is attractive?

**And one more.  The villain never gets the girl.  Some villains are fantastic, and they deserve some love *cough* Darkling *cough*  

So what did we learn from this list...that some writers get it right, and others don't.  That even though the love story can drive us nuts, we might still enjoy the book.  That I am fickle and easily annoyed but kind of a hopeless romantic who digs a sweet story.

What's on your list?

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  1. Oh, your likes! Number 1, check. Number 2, YES PLEASE! Number 3 I quite like as well. Not sure about Number 4. Number 5... well, we'll just agree to disagree on that one, mmkay? (Once in a while I come across a really well-written triangle. Most of the time I find them irritating. Just pick, already! And also unrealistic.)

    And your dislikes! I love that some of the things you really like are also the things you dislike. It all depends on the writing, doesn't it? And I am so totally on board with Number 8!


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