Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Library GrabBag: Lovin' Narnia

Hey all!  Thought it was about time I put together another Library GrabBag post.  For all my librarian friends out there, or parents who want to plan an awesome book-themed party, we're traveling through the wardrobe to Narnia this Saturday for our first ever Narnia Lock-In.

We've made it a habit over the last year to offer a book-themed after hours party each "regular" programming session (which excludes summer...a totally different beast :) Last March we had a Mad Hatter tea-party followed by Bangorang!, a Peter Pan event in the fall.

Our homeschool group selected The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe for our spring play, so we thought we'd promote a bit with the Narnia Lock In (which also, incidentally, fit in really well with our British themed Winter Reading Program - Brilliantly Bookish)  So through the wardrobe we go.

Here's the plan:

4:45-5:15pm - Participants begin to arrive/Go over rules/Icebreaker
   I'm thinking maybe Narnia charades or taboo for the icebreaker.  Loud and full of
5:15-5:45pm - White Witch Freeze Tag
   I've found that a high-action activity is a great way to break the ice and get kids who
   don't know each other talking
5:45-6:45pm - Adventures in Narnia Scavenger Hunt
   See below for more scavenger hunt info.  It's self-lead, so a chance for participants to
   just relax and have fun.  They have to complete all the tasks in order to get a goodie
   bag at the end of the night.
6:45-7:15pm - Snack and a Pick Up Stick tournament
   We're going with make-your-own trail mix for a snack and stretching the connection
   between Mr. Beaver's home and Pick Up Sticks :)
7:15-8pm - Epic Battle - Aslan vs. The White Witch (a.k.a. Capture the Flag)
   A new favorite with our group.
8-8:20pm - Sardines
   A lock-in must for our crew...and they mention sardines in the book which is kind of fun.
8:20-8:30pm - Goodie Bags and Goodbyes

Sounds like fun, doesn't it!

So here's what we're doing for the scavenger hunt:

Each player will get a scroll.  I aged the scroll with black tea and my stove the other night which was way more of a production than I was planning on.  They look really cool though, so it was worth it.  Sometimes the small touches make a big impact at teen programs!

The scroll lists 10 activities the teens have to find and complete over the course of an hour.  When they finish a task, they mark it off on their sheet (and if it was a craft, they bring their creation with them.)

Tasks include:

1) Become a creature of Narnia - make a set of cardboard horns
2) Narnia lullaby - make a pan flute like Mr. Tumulus's
3) A walk with Mr. and Mrs. Beaver - complete an obstacle course wearing snow shoes
4) Always winter never Christmas - make a paper snowflake
5) Father Christmas - wrap a present to celebrate the return of Christmas (an old book...)
6) Fight Maugrim - make a miniature bow and arrow and complete target practice
7) Cross the frozen river - hop on the duct-tape stones to the other side
8) Prepare for battle pt. I - make a shield
9) Prepare for battle pt. II - choose your banner
10) Cair Paravel - celebrate the new royals with Just Dance

Our goodie bags aren't anything fancy.  We're thinking hot chocolate fixins and some candy.

Have you ever hosted a Narnia event?  What did you do?

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