Wednesday, February 4, 2015

In which Mike meets the "Muppet" man

Are you a man, or a Muppet?  Hopefully you're both.  Hopefully you're a Muppet of a man.  And it just so happens that Mike the Garden Gnome met the man who put the love back in the Muppet franchise.  And for that, he will forever make my heart sing.

Jason Segel co-authored a new Children's novel titled Nightmares!, and he made his way to the annual American Library Association Mid-Winter conference in Chicago this past Saturday.  We thought it was going to be a long shot getting into his session, but no one was checking badges, so SCORE, we grabbed ourselves a seat and later free signed copies of his book.

In case you're wondering, he is a really cool, funny, thoughtful, TALL guy who was a pleasure to listen to and exciting to meet.  So, yeah, Mike the Garden Gnome totally got his picture taken with a movie star :)

I'm not excited or anything :)
Look at that smile.  Mike is just so happy!
Mike's new friend Sammy the Toucan :)

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