Friday, February 13, 2015

A Sonnet for Christopher Lloyd on this Valentine's Day

If you remember correctly, assuming you've been visiting for awhile, last Valentine's Day I wrote a little sonnet for Tim Curry, the fantastically hilarious actor who stole my heart in films like Clue, Annie, and Oscar.  [If you're new to TheGnomingLibrarian or want a refresher, click here for the Tim Curry ditty.]

I thought I'd make this a tradition, so this year I've put together "A Sonnet for Christopher Lloyd."  I know.  You're getting excited, aren't you :)  Well, without any further ado, let me express my affection for the man who was Doc Brown.

O Christopher Lloyd, the fluffiness of your bright white hair
Your "Great Scott!" is oh so rare.
You always make me laugh sincerely.
As Professor Plum you did it dearly.
From Doc Brown to creepy Judge Doom
each character you portray clears the gloom.
O Christopher Lloyd it never ceases
I'll always love forever to pieces.

So I really have no idea how to write a sonnet.  The above "poem" might not cut it, but take it for the spirit of fun it was intended.

Why did I choose Christopher Lloyd?  Well, why not!  The man is fantastic and quite often overlooked, and much like Tim Curry, played a big part in many of my childhood pop culture memories.  Here are just a few of the moments that make Christopher Lloyd totally awesome and sonnet worthy on Valentine's Day:

1) No, it's not just because he shares the screen with Tim Curry in the 80s classic Clue.  He holds his own with my last Valentine.  [Professor Plum and Mrs. Peacock have drawn cut matches of the same length, pairing them together] "It's you and me, honey bunch."  That's why I love him.  He's equal parts creepy and endearing.  And he has great comedic timing, delivering simple lines with his own flare.

2) I've always loved Back to the Future, but recently I've noticed that it's creeping toward the top of my favorites list.  There's just so much to love about it.  Especially Doc Brown.  Who wouldn't want him in their corner?  He's got that crazy look in his eye.  Interesting fashion sense.  And the habit of mumbling under his breath looking crazed when an idea pops into his head.  And, of course there's this.  It's the little moments.

3) Judge Doom in Who Framed Roger Rabbit.  Another favorite.  Apparently I have a LOT of favorite movies.  We should really talk about that some time.  This movie is genius.  Truly genius.  And like Bob Hoskins (who is a boss), Christopher Lloyd does an AMAZING job acting with no one.  Of course, there's always his cool, calculating, totally demented character that makes things interesting too.

4) He's got the laugh.  He's got the funny sidekick.  And he's got a great song as Rasputin Anastasia.  Not Disney, but a great animated movie.  Can we talk animated villains sometime too?  Man I love movies.  Almost as much as books.

5) So one summer, a long, long time ago, I spent a few months giving tours for the National Park Service at Yorktown, Virginia.  The Student Conservation Association was a great opportunity, but far from home with only a handful of new acquaintances and one fast friend, I decided to get a summer pass to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg.  If you've been in Virginia in the summertime, you know it's a wee bit humid and a lot bit hot.  Thank goodness for The Haunted Lighthouse 4D movie tucked away in the Globe Theater with air conditioning.  I probably saw that little show fifty times, yes, because it got me out of the heat, but also because Christopher Lloyd starred as Cap'n Jack :)  Found it on should watch it.

And of course there's Camp Nowhere, Dennis the Menace, The Addams Family, Taxi, and great spots on two of my FAVORITE TV shows, Psych and Chuck.

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