Tuesday, December 23, 2014

My Reading Year

So I kept triple track of what I read this year.  There was this here blog, of course.  Goodreads, because you can never have too many Goodreads lists going.  And a Google Doc spreadsheet because I'm just that kind of girl :)

And here's my reading year by the 2014 goals and the numbers:

My 2014 reading goals were...

1) Reads at least 125 books.  As it stands right this moment, I've completed 108.  So a sort of fail...

2) Read one adult book each month.  FAIL.  Uber fail.  Gotta try a little harder next year on that one.  Maybe I'll have to make a reading calendar to go along with all of my lists :)

3) Read four nonfiction books.  FAIL.  One snuck in there :)

4) Listen to five audiobooks.  SUCCESS!!!  Who listened to 13 audiobooks?  This girl!  Please excuse me as I high-five myself!

5) Finally visit and explore my local comic book store.  SUCCESS!  And I visit often.

6) Participate in World Book Night.  FAIL.  Life.  Geez.

7) Complete one graphic novel/manga series each month.  FAIL.  But I read a lot, so I'm not feeling guilty.

8)  Update my blog and Goodreads account for every book I read.  SUCCESS!

9) Attempt, once again, not to feel guilt for not reading every new book that comes into the library.  FAIL.  Professional hazard.

10) Finish Graceling.  SUCCESS!!!!!!!!!!!  It only took me 3 years and 14 checkouts.  Who cares about the rest of the goals?  I conquered my white whale!

So a year by the numbers...

13 Audiobooks
3 eBooks
27 Graphic Novels
20 Manga
42 Teen Books
3 Adult Books

Not a bad year :)  There's still a little time left.  Maybe I can sneak a little closer to 125 by the 31st.

How did you do this year?

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