Monday, November 10, 2014

YALLfest: A love story

Being a book nerd in every day life leaves you often quite misunderstood.  But being a book nerd at YALLfest in Charleston kind of makes you feel like you've found exactly where you belong.

Two days, sixty authors, lots of lines, and hush puppies :)  That was my weekend, and it was a good weekend.  While meeting authors is a librarian's dream, what I really enjoyed the most were the fantastic people I met in line.  And I mean that genuinely.  

I met fathers who love their daughters enough to drive them hours to stand and wait in unbelievably long lines.  I met mothers who didn't complain once when their sons piled more and more books into their arms to hold.  I met grandmother's who were willing to sit on the cold pavement so their grandchildren could have once in a lifetime experiences.  I met librarians and teachers who were revived after a day just being allowed to geek out and enjoy a moment for themselves.  And I met so many truly fascinating teenagers who have a passion for reading and sharing (and talking...dear goodness the talking) about what they love and what they don't and what they one day hope to become.

Book nerds are absolutely amazing.  And it was an honor to be among so many this weekend.

A few things I learned:

1) Pack snacks but not drinks.  You'll get hungry, but there is no time for bathroom breaks.

2) James Dashner is hilarious and should be my best friend.

3) Everybody loves an adorable gnome.

4) Sarah Dessen is just as fantabulous as I always imagined she would be.

5) Bring a buddy who likes you a lot and isn't interested in autographs...divide and conquer.

If you were there, and you just happen to stumble across this here blog...I'll see you next year :)

So here are the rock stars that I met:

Laini Taylor                            E. Lockhart                         Sarah Dessen

Almost Sarah J. Maas              Gayle Forman                     Stephanie Perkins

Michael Johnston                   Leigh Bardugo                   Alex London
Melissa de la Cruz                                                                                       
Carrie Ryan                            Godzilla                           Becca Fitzpatrick 

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