Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A NaNoWriMo update I'm failing.  Epically.  But I'm kind of all right with that.  I'm still writing everyday.  Just not 1600+ words a day.  The new goal is 25,000 words by November 30th.  I think I can do it.  Maybe I can do it. Um...

And in case you're curious, here's the gist of my story:

Gwendolyn is a princess who doesn't want to be a princess.  Her mother desperately wants to see her married to a prince from a neighboring kingdom, but Gwen is more interested in seeing the world, exploring her surroundings.  Every few months she attends a princess support group where she not only gets to listen to all the ways life has not ended up happily ever after, but she's also creating a running list of dos and don'ts for when her own destiny comes a knocking...because ever princess in the land is forced into her own destiny (a.k.a. is cursed, kidnapped, or presented with an impossible obstacle).

After returning home from support group to the arms of her overbearing mother, Gwen is kidnapped by Lucean, the ethereal, mysterious, kind of whiny King of the Goblins who sends her on her journey.  Travel across his kingdom in three days or become his captive forever.

Now, just a reminder that's it's more about the habit of writing every day then complete originality.  I fully admit that this is Labyrinth meets the Princess Bride.  But I'm having a lot of fun writing it. Gwen has just escaped the Infamously Terrifying Band of Woodland Ninjas.  It was a close call, but she has picked up her first sidekick, a fellow she would gladly ditch at the first opportunity.

And here's a snippet if you're still reading.  Apparently I'm feeling brave. (or banking that you've already gotten bored and stopped reading two paragraphs ago.)  Please don't judge :)

“The Infamously Terrifying Band of Woodland Ninjas does not negotiate.  And we can’t just let anyone wander into our woods.  Once word leaks out that we’ve let a girl pass, people begin to believe they can push you around, and then it’s nothing but work work work, all the time.”  Gwen noticed all the creatures were nodding their head in agreement.

“Seriously….erm...I’m sorry.  I never introduced myself.  My names Gwen.  It’s a pleasure to meet you.  It’s a pleasure to meet you all,” she smiled.  “May I ask your name?”

“Uh.  I suppose so.  Um.  My name’s Ameer.”

“Hello Ameer.  Are you the leader of this, this band?”

“Not really.  No.” Ameer shifted uncomfortably.  Gwen could tell that this might just be a sore subject.  “We all work together to be terrifying.”

“And terrifying you are.  But don’t you think, just this once, you could let me go?  I promise to tell everyone I come across on my journey that I was attacked by the Infamously Terrifying Band of Woodland Ninjas who beat me up.  I can tell them I only escaped with my life when a larger, more fearsome beast crossed your path.” Gwen tried to lay it on as thick as possible.

“What kind of larger, more fearsome beast?” Ameer asked.  He, she?, seemed interested.

“A dragon?”

“Have you seen us?  Who would believe we could best a dragon?” Ameer scoffed.  Okay, so they weren’t as confident as they wanted her to believe.


“We’re not even near the water lady,” Ameer said indignantly.  “Besides.  We can’t really swim.”


“What’s a lion?”

She was getting absolutely no where.  “New idea,” she shouted.  “What if I join your merry band? I could be a ninja?  Then I wouldn’t have to meet my doom!”  Yes, she thought, this could work.

“Um...lady….we’re not a ‘merry’ band.  We’re angry.  And bitter.  And full of angst and rage.  So, yeah.  And only someone with mad ninja skills can join us.”

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