Thursday, October 30, 2014


I started Saga awhile back but got distracted and moved on to other titles.  But now that all of my assigned reading is complete, I'm enjoying the swift pace and interesting artwork of the graphic novel.  I've also decided that I'm a huge fan of Brian K. Vaughn which led me back to the series (and on to Ex Machina which I'm exited to complete.)

Saga Volume 1: We meet Alana and Marko on are opposite sites of an ancient war, but somehow they found each other and fell in love.  This hasn't stopped the powers that be from getting really ticked off and demanding their heads.  Now they're on the run with their new baby in tow and two armies on their tail.

Saga Volume 2: Marko's ex is ticked that she got dumped for the enemy and is out for his head.  And things have just gotten worse.  The in-laws are visiting and their not the biggest fans of Alana.  Oh, there's also this royal prince guy with a TV for a head who is on the hunt.

Saga Volume 3: Backstory!  We get to find out how Marko and Alana met and what sparked their pacifist ways.

Vaughn's characters are flawed and quirky.  His dialogue is witty, the pacing is fantastic, and the worlds are creative and different.  He makes you want to keep reading, discover who these people are and where they're going.  He also does an excellent job of creating endearing underdogs.  While the picture painted of women in Y: The Last Man made me twitchy at times, I couldn't help root for Yorick Brown.  I feel the same way about Marko and Alana.  Another really nice element in Saga is the narrator.  Hazel, Marko and Alana's daughter, is looking back, telling the story.  She offers endearing insights that also foreshadow things to come, things I hope we get to see into fruition.  An all around great read.

**I feel I should warn you, it's a bit racy.  It definitely puts the "graphic" in graphic novel.  So  if you tend to shy a way from that type of artwork, maybe not the title for you.

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