Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A Gnome...A Girl...and 60 Authors. Holla!

I thought I'd take a break from the top ten lists this Tuesday to tell you about a super cool festival I'm going to in November.  For a book person, authors are pretty much rock stars.  While I can contain the screaming in their presence, I get super hyped to meet my favs.  There's usually shaking hands and the inevitable ridiculous statement that makes me sound like a nut, but getting to tell an author about how much you appreciate their work is pretty darn special.

When I got a call from my buddy Julia about an author festival in Charleston, South Carolina I was on board.  Two days and sixty teen authors is pretty much librarian heaven.  Not only do we get to stand in incredibly long lines for a few brief moments of our favorite author's time, we also get to sit in on a few panels and conversations to hear stories, have discussions, and be highly amused.

Click here for a complete list of authors at YALLFest.

Listen people...some of my FAVORITES are on this list.  I will not be cool.  I will not be composed.  I will be smiley and ridiculous and the complete opposite of composed if I actually get to meet Sarah Dessen...or E. Lockhart...or Sarah J Maas...or Leigh Bardugo.  Really.  A camera crew should follow me around for some pure hilarity.  And guess who else is going?!  The one and only Mike the Garden Gnome.  That's right.  It's gnome time.

What author are you just dying to meet?

Stay tuned for some awesome pictures.  Happy reading!

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  1. I really would like to meet J.K. Rowling one day. I doubt if that will ever happen, but you just never know. I got to meet my all time favorite this past year (Mary Higgins Clark), which was really cool. Even at 86, she is still an incredible storyteller. A bit more realistic than Rowling is Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, who writes my favorite knitting memoirs. I just need to sign up for the right fiber retreat someday. :) Have fun on your trip!


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