Thursday, August 7, 2014

Library GrabBag: True American (Nerd)


Have you seen New Girl?  If you haven't, you totally should.  At least the first two seasons...and some select episodes in season three where Winston plays a pivotal role.  If you're thirty-something, feeling a little lost, and don't take yourself too seriously, it might just be the show for you.  It's the show for me.

And it is in no way appropriate for my Teen Room at the library.  But that hasn't stopped me from trying.  So in New Girl, Jess and friends play a loud, confusing drinking game known as True American.  There's lots of beer, lots of shouting of unusual things, and the ground is made of lava.  I'm pretty much always in for a game that involves lava.

I wanted to bring that kind of game into my library.  Not the drinking thing of course, but the idea that teens can be loud, and excited, and safely climb around on things pretending that they'll melt if they step on the carpet.  So I re-imagined True American for teens and created True Nerd.  We've played once, and the game needs a bit of tweaking, but it was indeed loud and exciting.  And no one fell into the lava.  There's some deductive reasoning, opportunities to build on literacy skills, but most importantly a chance to create lasting relationships with your teens and an atmosphere that is fun (and sneakily educational) :)

Here are the rules:

True American rules (in case you're so inclined, or a way to unwind after a difficult week)

Revised True Nerd rules (we're still building on our database of game ideas...we'd love your input!)


  1. This is the best thing Ever!

  2. SO where are the book carts located? and why type of furniture/objects did you use for the "spots"


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