Friday, August 22, 2014

Adventure Is Out There and the big 500

Pinterest, with a mix of my Disney vacation, and an attempt to make my house a home set me on a crafting adventure last weekend.  I wanted something new for my wall.  Something a little more me.  I really liked the quote prints I had created, but they didn't bring much to my living room...which is also my family room, and dining room, and in a way my kitchen.  I wanted some color and some personality.

So I created this, my ode to Pixar's Up and little something that feeds into my wanderlust.  When I get my map pins, I can't wait to fill the map with markers of where I've been and where I can't wait to go.  Because I will go.  The world is out there.  Adventure is out there.  And I've only got myself to blame if I don't go out find it!

On a random note...this is my 500th post!  Crazy!  I've said it before, and let's be honest, I'll probably say it again, but I NEVER thought I'd keep this here blog going for 500 posts.  For those that stop by occasionally, I thank you, especially for your kind and interesting comments.

Happy Friday everyone!  Now go find an adventure!


  1. very cute! I'm coveting that large pillow. and congrats on 500! wow!

  2. The final touch came this afternoon. I got my very own grape soda pin with a little card that says "You and me, we're in a club now!"

  3. Congrats on 500! This is very cool - I'm always jealous of people who can be crafty.

  4. Thank you Stephanie! For every 1 crafty success...there are at least 5 projects that epically failed :) Or were never finished :) Or that I've chosen to forget all together :)


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