Monday, July 14, 2014

I've finally played a scene with Neville Sinclair

One more week down!  Only two more to go before vacation!  Getting to this particular blog means I made it through two teen programs, three meetings, and a family movie night.  Not a bad week.  A little hectic, but full of fun at the library.  Which also means that not much got done around the house.  But so it goes.

Once again, in the spirit of distraction, this wonderful Monday I'm enjoying a Disney theme.

This week's fun:

Emily's Top 5 Live-Action Disney Movies

5) Mary Poppins- Julie Andrews is practically perfect in every way, and who wouldn't ant to fly a kite?

4) Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl - Went to the theater 3 times to see this one.  Sure...the series gets a little weird, but the first one was just a great adventure.

3) National Treasure - Don't mock me.  I know Nicholas Cage is ridiculous, but the history major in me really enjoyed the appreciation for our past and the desire to preserve our heritage for the future.  And I like riddles.  Even though I can never solve them.

2) Newsies - Kind of liked the Broadway version better, but there wouldn't be a Broadway version without this musical gem.  And who doesn't like a young Christian Bale?

1) The Rocketeer - Nostalgic.  The best kind of nostalgic with a hero that you're rooting for and a plot that makes you dream of what could be.  And the soundtrack is awesome.

What's on your list of favorite live-action Disney movies?

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