Monday, June 16, 2014

The Avery Shaw Experiment

A review in 10 words (or thereabouts): Girls can be good at science, and get the guy without being too cliche.

Author: Kelly Oram
Info: Bluefields, copyright 2013, 278 pages

When Avery Shaw’s heart is shattered by her life-long best friend, she chooses to deal with it the only way she knows how—scientifically.

The state science fair is coming up and Avery decides to use her broken heart as the topic of her experiment. She’s going to find the cure. By forcing herself to experience the seven stages of grief through a series of social tests, she believes she will be able to get over Aiden Kennedy and make herself ready to love again. But she can’t do this experiment alone, and her partner (ex partner!) is the one who broke her heart.

Avery finds the solution to her troubles in the form of Aiden’s older brother Grayson. The gorgeous womanizer is about to be kicked off the school basketball team for failing physics. He’s in need of a good tutor and some serious extra credit. But when Avery recruits the lovable Grayson to be her “objective outside observer,” she gets a whole lot more than she bargained for, because Grayson has a theory of his own: Avery doesn’t need to grieve. She needs to live. And if there’s one thing Grayson Kennedy is good at, it’s living life to the fullest.

~Goodreads Description~

I think I'm going to forgo the "Awesome - Not Awesome" today for some good old-fashioned gushing.  I liked this book.  A lot.  I didn't expect to like this book, really, even though it kind of screams "Emily you will love me!" from the description.  The cover is a bit cheesy.  The plot is extremely predictable.  And the main male character is named Grayson. But I loved it.  It was exactly what I needed to read during a difficult week.

Kelly Oram keeps great pacing going between the two main characters, and her dialogue is extremely entertaining and relatively believable.  The characters are endearing, even when you want to flick them between the eyes for being a bit annoying, and while the ending is no surprise, you can't help but cheer on the hopelessly awkward teens as they make a love connection.

Like most of the movies I thoroughly enjoy, I don't need profound moments and artsy-emo characters to keep me entertained.  I just need a story that draws me in and an author who knows what he or she is doing.  The Avery Shaw Experiment delivers.

For a fun, light summer read, you can't go wrong with this rom-com teen novel.

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