Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Top Ten Books If You Like These TV Shows, Movies...

 Top Ten Books If You Like These TV Shows, Movies...
(Feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish)
Here's my random list of things I'm reminded of while reading books.  Hopefully you've heard of a few of them, or this is going to be a little awkward :)

1) American Gladiator fans should read The Hunger Games
Do you remember American Gladiators?  The ridiculous obstacle show where beefy men and women wearing spandex would attempt to stop the average Joe from finishing a series of hilarious activities.  Reminds me a little of The Hunger Games.  Survival stories with adventure and mind games.

2) The Bachelor fans should read The Selection
This one is pretty obvious.  Ego inflated boy seeks young woman to make his wife...because, you know, that should happen in the span of a month.  Despite the setup, I really like the series though and can't wait for the next book.  "Romance" with a touch of intrigue and cattiness.

3) The Warriors fans should read The Loners
There's nothing quite like the  1979 film about a gang accused of murdering a rival leader and forced to make it back through the streets of New York to the safety of their turf.  The Loners is a bit of an apocalyptic tale about teenagers trying to survive.  The hallways of a high school become the streets, and survival is the only priority.  Survival stories with adventure and mind games.

4) Alice in Wonderland fans should read The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her  Own Making
A young girl with a big imagination finds herself in a spectacular new world where everything is a little off, and there are a few lessons to learn along the way.  Imaginative characters, fantastical adventure, and a spectacular quest.

5) Oceans 11 fans should read Heist Society
They might be teens, but they're excellent thieves and everyone has a job to do.  Much like the movies, Ally Carter's Heist Society dives into a world of intrigue, red herrings, and bit of rooting for the bad guy.

6) Criminal Minds fans should read I Hunt Killers
I'll admit it....I like serial killers.  Not like like them, but I find TV shows and movies about the hunt for evil crazy people really entertaining.  If you get that, you should read Barry Lyga's I Hunt Killers.  It's  a little bit Criminal Minds, a little bit CSI, and a whole lot of creepy.

7) Clue  fans should read And Then There Were None
If you remember my February 14th post, Tim Curry is on my list of the most awesome things in the world.  A group of people are invited to a mysterious home, and one by one people start dying.  While Agatha Christie isn't as slapstick as the 80s comedy, the plots are similar and fun for amateur sleuths.

8) Charlies Angels fans should read  The Friday Society
Kick butt girls, each with their own talents, work together to fight a villain.  Each girl brings something different to the table which is always fun, and the steampunk flair of the book is superior to the 70s fashion of the TV Show.  Cheesy but fun on both accounts.

9) Before Sunrise fans should read Just One Day
Serendipitous moments during travel bring a day to remember for two lonely travelers.  Sigh.  Why don't these things ever happen.  I never sit next to a chatty, interesting person on a plan.  Chance meetings and instant chemistry on the streets of Europe.

10) Sherlock Holmes (Robert Downey Jr. style) fans should read The Girl in the Steel Corset
Both stories have Victorian Londan settings with mysterious villains.  The characters in The Girl have the same witty rapport as Sherlock and Watson, finding themselves in dangerous situations.  Adventure abounds and fun is had by all.

What are your suggestions?  Happy Reading!

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  1. 5, 8 and 10 just got added to my list. Thanks for the great suggestions!


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