Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Another year down...And a very happy birthday!

Have you ever had a project you absolutely loved doing, but you are always sooo relieved when it's actually done?  That's the annual Teen Film Festival for me.  We're in our fifth year, and the entries keep getting better.  But it's an exhausting task.

I wanted an event that would celebrate the passions and interests of young filmmakers.  After spending two years marveling at the talents of a local high schools media class, I knew that I wanted to recognize their achievements when I moved into the public library realm.  Thus the Teen Film Festival was born.  Not only has it created a platform for up-and-coming film, but it has also allowed me to build and foster some pretty awesome community connections.

If you know a teen who loves film, help them find an outlet.  Who knows, maybe the next Spielberg is in your own backyard.  And if you have the time, definitely check out the entries from this year's festival (

Congratulations to the student filmmakers of the 2014 Teen Film Festival!

And a very happy birthday to my little brother!  It's hard to believe you're 27...only because that makes me really old :)

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