Thursday, March 13, 2014

So I met in the middle...

Recap time!  Last Friday I announced that I was completing The Art Assignment's first project.  I was going to meet my friend Rachel in a field.  Well, here's what really happened...

I hit the road about 10:15am, thinking I was leaving myself a little time to get turned around on Indiana's country roads.  I settled into the car, audiobook ready for entertainment, a bag of crafty items and cookies by my side, and headed confidently north.

Then I met the cows.  I was probably a half mile from my final destination, but I was a bit turned around.  I make a right on a road that's not really a road and end up on someone's cow farm.  There are, literally, cows roaming around free.  Realizing my error, I decide to make a three-point turn and almost get stuck in the mud in front of a herd of annoyed looking bovine.

When I finally find the field that I think is our field...there's no Rachel.  So I break the rule and call.  Turns out, Rachel was running a bit late too and was just down the road.  To be honest, I was pretty darned surprised we didn't end up waiting for each other in front of different fields.  Her car pulls up and we celebrate our success that is promptly cut short because we need to find a bathroom for a sick kiddo. 

 Determined to follow through on our original plan, we hit a gas station and make our way back to the muddy field to make a craft.  Yes, we actually stood on the side of the road in a muddy field to make a craft.  And the final product was beautiful...don't you think?!

We finished the outing with a stop at McDonald's.  Fun was had by all.  Thanks Rachel for being a great sport and meeting me in the middle!  So glad the kids and Bekah got to tag along!

And if you've got the time, check out Rachel's version of events over at her blog!

(I just noticed that I use a lot of exclamation points!  I should probably work on that!)

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