Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Epic John Green Moment

So this happened.  I promise.  It was a magical moment.

Last week I attended the annual Public Library Association (PLA) conference.  Yes.  It's a librarian conference, and while it doesn't sound all that exciting, it's really pretty nifty.  There are inspiring keynote speakers (Simon Sinek hit it out of the park!), presentations, lots of free swag, and authors.  AUTHORS!  They come, they sign said swag, and they make you feel all warm in fuzzy inside because, let's face it, authors are rock stars!

Back to John Green.  My fabulous library fit the bill for the John Green luncheon.  1,000 librarians piled into the Sagamore Ballroom at the Indianapolis Convention Center to hear him speak.  I'll admit it, we were all basically fan-girling out.  The poor guy had a security guard standing behind him while he ate.  A bodyguard!  In a room of librarians!  That was awesome enough.  And then he started speaking.

The dude is eloquent, thoughtful, hilarious, and genuine.  He talked about maps and infinities and how Amazon will never be able to replace a person when it comes to offering recommended reads.  It was all pretty fabulous, followed quickly by a stampede.  Yes, a stampede of 1,000 librarians trying to be first in line to get a book signed.

So there I am, waiting patiently in line with some of my fellow co-workers when we at last approach the switchback-queue.  There would be no posing for pictures with the author, so we had to sneak them in when we could.

And no, this wasn't weird at all.  Not too long after the above picture, it was my turn.  I was going to meet him (well, after I assured a very nice "bouncer" that I wouldn't club John Green with the ceramic gnome in my arms :).  And this is what comes out of my mouth..."My gnome totally did a sneak attack photo with you just a few minutes ago," to which he chuckled, smiled, said thank you, and handed me my book.

I know, I'm a brilliant orator.  I start to walk away when I hear, "Wait." Why would John Green be asking me to wait?  I keep going.  "Is that the same gnome from 2007."  SCORE!  I turn around to see a very smiley, shocked John Green looking at me.

Me: "Yes."

JG: "From vlogbrothers?  In 2007?"
Me: "Yes."
JG: "I can't believe it!  That is so awesome!  From 2007?"
Me: "Yes." (Again.  Brilliant orator.)
JG: "I'm going to f@#$ing cry."
Me: "I've been a fan for awhile! You've met him a couple of times. He's even wearing his nerdfighter cape!"
JG: "That is so awesome, you just made my day!"

Yeah.  That just happened.  John Green...the JOHN GREEN...remembered Mike the Garden Gnome.  Perfect moment.

And then I got to go downstairs and gawk at random adults in hilarious costumes for comic con.

It was a good day.


  1. You didn't respond with, "Make John Green's day. check. I guess that's one thing off of the ole bucket list." ?

    haha...oh man! I can't even imagine what I would have said. Probably just smiled awkwardly the entire time.

  2. I was stifling a nervous giggle the entire time. While I wasn't particularly eloquent, I was proud of myself for not completely losing control :)

  3. this is SUCH an awesome story! making john greens day would make my year.

    1. Agreed. I'll be living off this moment for awhile!


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