Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Top Ten Reasons I Love Being A Blogger & Reader

Top Ten Reasons I Love Being a Blogger & Reader
(Feature hosted by The Broke and the Bookish)

5 Reasons I Love Blogging

Blogging is awesome because:

1) I don't have to be formal!  If you're familiar with my reviews, you have probably noticed that a lot of inner dialogue and enthusiasms come out within each paragraph.  There's no need to be proper and precise.  I just get to say exactly what I feel and geek out as often as possible!

2) It gives me an excuse to write!  I've always enjoyed writing  And while I share the dream of one day becoming a published author (I am under no illusions this will ever happen:), this little blog lets me get my write-on a few times a week.

3) Who wouldn't want to be a part of such a spectacular community of like-minded individuals?!  Sure, I don't always agree with other blogger's reviews, but I respect their point of view and truly appreciate getting to experience stories from other perspectives.

4) I have a one stop shop to see exactly what I've written and what I felt about what I've read!  I can track work ideas, and I can relay crazy gnome stories from the safety of my own site.

5) Give me something to do while I'm watching TV in the evenings!  College kind of ruined me.  I have trouble just sitting.  So blogging helps keep my hands and mind busy.

5 Reasons I Love Being a Reader

Reading allows me to:

6) Travel across space and time from the comfort of my own arm chair.

7) Meet new and exciting people.  Fall in and out of love.  Go on adventures that would otherwise be impossible without fear or judgement.

8) Stretch the limits of my imagination.  There's nothing quite like losing yourself completely in a fabulous story.

9) Empathize and sympathize without having to actually go through struggles or grief.  I love a good cry.  I love it even more when the thing that's happening isn't happening to me, when it's secured in the pages of a book.

10) Have fascinating conversations with people about the books I love and could do without.

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  1. Great picks :) I love reading other reviews, even when we completely disagree because it makes for a great discussion. My TTT.


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