Friday, February 7, 2014

Library GrabBag: Duh!

So yesterday I discovered  Something tells me I should have already been familiar with this particular site, but better late than never.  On the "Book Club" link I stumbled upon an awesome, free, awesome idea for reader's advisory.

If you're anything like me, you can't be in your teen room during all of your library's open hours.  Staffing and general business just don't allow for that luxury.  Often times teen and adult patrons are left to their own devices to find the next read that will leave them enamored.  I so want to be give them my suggestions...find out what they love and pair them with the perfect title!  To fill the hole of my absence :) we create A LOT of reader's advisory tools: book displays, brochures, bookmarks, posters.  Reading lists and ideas abound throughout the room, but can often be time consuming to create.

What showed me is that it doesn't have to be time expensive!  Why had I never thought of word cloud reviews?!  Oh Wordle, one of my favorite creative online tools, you will be so useful in my teen room in the future!  Pair a book cover with a word cloud describing why a patron MUST check it out and voila! you have yourself a quick and easy reader's advisory tool.

And while you're on the site checking, make sure to check out all the awesome gift ideas!  Um...they have A Wrinkle in Time t-shirts.  Yes please!

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