Monday, January 13, 2014

The Snowman Is Dead

Indiana weather is a fickle thing.  In the morning, you might leave your house wearing a sweater and a smile. By evening, you're cranking the heater up in your car full blast squinting to see through the snow storm that's raging around you.  I hate Indiana weather.

This past week the polar vortex attacked, and I was ill-prepared.  This shouldn't have happened.  The local meteorologists had been excitedly forecasting this weather event for the better part of a week.'s going to be bad!  "Winter apocalypse 2014!"  Part of me assumed that a snow would be in my future.  I grabbed a few extra books at work, stopped by the grocery storm for some snacks (and got a rather amusing glimpse of what stores will look like when the zombie's invade our town), and bought my not so little dog a winter coat to keep the chill away when she went outside.

What I didn't do is have a plan of attack to actually get things done.  Did I do some much need cleaning? No.  Did I get ahead on my blogging, scheduling out posts and organizing my thoughts?  No.  Did I plan a reading order for the books I checked out from the library in the hopes of actually getting them read?  No. What did I do?  I sat in front of the television watching movies (for three days!), gaining five pounds in the process.

My snow days were ill-used to say the least.  Next time I will be prepared.  I will schedule Just Dance time to get my heart pounding.  I will limit myself to one movie a day.  I will buy cans and cans of green beans, and I will put my dog in time out for a little break, settle in a comfy chair, and get lost in a good book.

As for the snowman...the family next door braved the bitter, bitter cold and made a rather impressive snowman in the front yard.  It had cardboard arms, a reflective vest, and mitten hands.  It was awesome. Now, what remains, is maybe one of the saddest things I've ever seen.  This wonderful snow creature has no head.  This afternoon it lost an arm, and I fear that by tonight, it will be nothing but a puddle on a very muddy lawn.  Just a few days ago, Indianapolis, Indiana was colder that cities in Alaska.  Today, there is a very depressing snowman lurking outside of my garage.

I hate you Indiana weather.  Is it spring yet?

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