Friday, January 31, 2014

Library GrabBag: Capture the Flag

Today is our 5th annual Life Size Lock In...a night of GIANT board games, organized chaos, and a lot of laughs.  Fingers cross that weather will not destroy all of the hard planning and prepping, and that the teens will arrive in good spirits.

We made some much needed changes for this year's event.  I built all of our GIANT board games out of poster board and colored paper.  This is a pill to tape down on the floor and carefully peel back up at the end of the evening.  We had a little extra cash at the end of the 2013 budget cycle, so I decided to transfer all of the games to canvas that could be folded up into a nice small square and stored away in a plastic bin.

This process included sewing two pieces of canvas together, choice words when the sewing machine continuously broke, a few tears when I sewed incorrectly, and a solid 15+ hours to paint the new board onto the fabric.  We've used the board a few times already, and the extra time and effort has been more than worth it.  These games are portable if other libraries want to use them, easy to pull out without a lot of setup, and great for all ages.

Along with our brand new game boards, we're also adding Capture the Flag to this year's itinerary.  I felt we needed a game where the kids had to work together to solve a problem while enjoying the ability to run around the library yelling without getting into trouble.

Here's our plan for Capture the Flag in case you're interested:

  • 45 minute time limit
  • Chaperones/volunteers will hide a flag at each of the building before the players arrive to play.  The flags should be easily found but not completely obvious
  • The chaperone/volunteer will be a monitor, assuring game play is fair, and the jailer
  • Teens will be divided into two equal teams and each participant will be given a flag football flag to wear around their waste
    • Once the game has begun, teams should be split into a few groups: ideally you will have enough for (2) border guards, (2) reconnaissance (best in partners), (2) "sneakers" (best in partners), and a few rangers
    • Reconnaissance players are in charge of getting the flag
    • Sneakers are the ones who find it
    • Rangers do several leftover jobs: they get people out of jail, chase anyone who gets past boarder guards, and can replace any reconnaissance or sneakers that get captured
  • In order to win the game, you must capture the other team's flag and bring it back to your own territory.  But if an enemy team member grabs you while you're standing on their part of the field, they are allowed to take you straight to jail.
    • You can be freed from jail if one of your team members touches you, and there's no limit to how many times you can be thrown back into the slammer.
    • When a player on the opposite team takes your (football) flag, you must immediately report to jail.  The member of the opposite team must bring the flag and give it to the jailer.
    • When a player is released from jail, the jailer will give them back their flag.
  • The first team to capture the opposing team's flag and return safely to their territory wins.
    • If a player is tagged while transporting the flag to their territory, the flag must be left at the location of the tagging.
    • Neither team may move the flag

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