Wednesday, January 1, 2014

How'd I do?

Before I reveal my bookish related goals for 2014, I thought I'd take a look back at how I did over the past twelve months.  Did I meet my goals?  Mostly!  And, hey, mostly is pretty dar:ned awesome if I do say so myself.  I read 130 books this year which isn't too shabby  Sure...there were quite a few graphic novels and manga mixed in, but a book is a book and I feel no shame.

Last year (2013) I wanted to:

1) Finish at least (5) series I've already started - As named in my video last week on New Year's resolutions. [Epic fact, I probably started twice as many.]

2) Read at least (3) nonfiction books [Nearly made two.]

3) Read at least (3) adult fiction books [Success!]

 4) Read at least (3) classics [Another 2 of 3...but that's two more than 2012]

5) Listen to at least (3) audiobooks [Success!]

6) Review every book I read (and add it to my Goodreads profile) 

7) Don't feel guilty for re-reading a book I love while others sit on the shelf  [Success!]

8) Don't feel guilty for not completing an audiobook if I don't care for the reader  [Success! Started a lot, but only finished a few, and I'm completely guilt free:)]

9) Don't feel guilty for starting new series and then not finishing them  [Semi-success!  There's always guilt.  I'm a librarian.  So it goes.]

10) Finally read Graceling by Kristin Cashore, a book that I have checked out (not kidding) eleven times and have yet to actually read it.   [Does 3/4 the way done count?  This book is my kryptonite!  I will finishing you Graceling!  By golly I will finish you!

Did you meet your reading goals?  Here's to a year of getting lost in good books!

Happy reading!!

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