Thursday, December 5, 2013

Take That Pinterest! Redemption

It finally happened!  I saw something on Pinterest...thought "Hey, I can do that," and it actually looks very similar to the original!  They're super simple eReader covers!  So far I've tackled Harry Potter, an Ewok, and the Tenth Doctor (oh David Tennant, how I heart you :)

All I did was sketch out the idea on paper, used that as a template, and traced it onto pieces of felt from my local craft store.  A little sewing, a little ironing, and voila!  Super cute eReader holders!  I did put a second layer of fleece/fabric on the inside to avoid scratching and give a little more structure.

This project cost me all of $10 for all three which is pretty awesome!  I saw them on Etsy and the talented crafter was charging close to $30 dollars each.  Not sure I totally understand the Etsy markup.  Don't you want to actually sell your items?  Anywho, I'm very proud of myself, and now I have an easy, fun DIY gift for the holidays.

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