Friday, November 1, 2013

Comic #9: Y: The Last Man Vol. 1

Author: Brian K. Vaughan
Illustrator: Pia Guerra, Jose Marzan Jr.
Info: Vertigo, copyright 2003, 126 pages

A review in 10 words (or thereabouts):  Men: Can't live with them...shouldn't live without them.

"Y" is none other than unemployed escape artist Yorick Brown (his father was a Shakespeare buff), and he's seemingly the only male human left alive after a mysterious plague kills all Y-chromosome carriers on earth. But why are he and his faithful companion, the often testy male monkey Ampersand, still alive? He sets out to find the answer (and his girlfriend), while running from angry female Republicans (now running the government), Amazon wannabes that include his own sister (seemingly brainwashed), and other threats.

~Goodreads Description~

What would happen if every man on the planet mysteriously died in a matter of seconds?  Apparently mass chaos and a return to an aggressive, primal way of least for a pretty wicked group of ladies.  After volume one, we're still not quite sure what caused the plague that led to the deaths of almost everyone with a Y-chromosome. We only know that there is at least one human male and one male monkey roaming the streets of Boston.  Torn between duty to the world and the love of one girl, Yorick has decided to help find some answers and hopefully restore some peace to a grieving world.

This story is pretty terrifying, but I really kind of liked it.  The world is in shambles.  There seem to be several different conspiracies happening at once.  The girls, while scary, are pretty fierce and no nonsense, and at the middle of it all is a pretty clueless but good-hearted guy.  Not sure I'd want Yorick to be the last man alive, but it could definitely be worse.

I can't waThe artwork is decent, the dialogue interesting (Yorick has a fun sense of humor), and the storyline is just a whole lot of fun.  If you like gritty, doom and gloom stories, this might be the comic for you!

Up next:  Watchmen by Alan Moore

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